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PHOTOS: Gen Kayihura Trains Special Police Commando Squad

online geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Uganda’s electoral processes are usually marred by violence, leading to destruction of property and lives.

The 2009 Buganda riots saw gangs overrun and loot a police station in Nateete before taking over vital junctions in deadly battles with security forces.

The army was invited to support Police quell the violence that left scores dead.

A cop displays skills at the training exercise in Masindi

Cops are being trained in dealing with violent situations

The new Police field force will be tasked with maintaining security in Kampala

With a new force under training at Kabalye, Gen Kale Kayihura is confident that such violent events can easily be contained by Police without necessarily bringing on board the UPDF.


Gen. Kayihura last weekend toured the training camp of Special Field Force Police who are undergoing training at Masindi.

The Officers were drawn from Kampala Metropolitan Police and they have undergone intensive training for the past 6 months.

The force displayed extraordinary crowd management and close combat skills.

Armed with pistols, the cops were seen leaping over burning pieces of wood and breaking bricks with bare fists.

Cops train in dealing with fire situations

The Field Force is being equipped with skills of combating rioters

The cops will be able to battle violent criminals in close combat

Breaking bricks with bare fists

Dealing with protestors

Korean martial experts monitor the training exercise of their students

IGP said that he was happy with the group that when they complete their training they will help with keeping security in Kampala, rioters and urban terrorism.

The training exercise is being overseen by North Koreans.

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