Kusasira Opens Up On Split With Seruga

purchase http://comefare.com/wp-includes/template.php sans-serif; color: #222222;”>She recently coloured Equatorial Parking where she launched her Poko Poko Live Concert attracting hundreds of revellers all over Kampala and its suburbs.

ChimpLyf writer, Betty Byatesa, sat down the singer at Serena hotel and extracted interesting excerpts of her music journey.

ChimpLyf: I know it is many years late to ask this: but why Eagles Production?

Kusasira: It was fantastic group when I joined. I don’t regret my decision. You see, that is where I even got myself a husband (smile).

ChimpLyf: Did the group support you financially?


Kusasira: No, l wasn’t paid per se but l had my small business, a beauty salon where l used to get some money. Patience became the key.

ChimpLyf: Forgive me; I should have started with music. (She sighs) well, what was your first album?

Kusasira: (Face lights up) “Sweet Wange L Love U”. Fred Seruga (who would be her husband later) wrote it for me. In those days, l hadn’t perfected singing.

ChimpLyf: Does that mean you don’t write your songs?

Kusasira: Mnh! No! Seruga is my song writer.

ChimpLyf: Oh! There must be something else you do, maybe playing an instrument!

Kusasira: Not even that. I can try but I’m not perfect at it.

ChimpLyf: If you were awoken from a dream, which song would be on your lips?

Kusasira: That would be ‘Enkola Ya Tax’. Whenever l sing it, I sing from the bottom of my heart. I know many women love it.

Kusasira performing at Poko Poko launch

ChimpLyf: Skeptics think it has something to do with Fred Seruga. (she shrugs) So, how did you work your way to each other’s hearts?

Kusasira: (Sweet Smile) l met him when I joined Eagles Production.

He was my boss by that time and he had a girl whom he used to move with whenever we travelled upcountry.

With time, the pair got misunderstandings and separated.

That is when his eyes turned to me. I had a gift of singing as well as a good voice.

You can also ask him, he will tell you.

ChimpLyf: And the lady just let go like that without even attacking you?

Kusasira: Oh no, she constantly sent me threatening messages.

I was so strong and l had to stand as a woman for whatever came.

When you want something good, you fight for it. I eventually emerged winner.

ChimpLyf: What lesson did you learn from that?

Kusasira: To respect. It was in that period that Seruga took me to the studio and l recorded ‘Ekitibwa Kyabami’.

She has seen it all

ChimpLyf: How many kids do you have with Seruga?

Kusasira: We had 3 but 1 got lost. We now have Junior and Finera.

ChimpLyf: Rumour has it that he plays friendly matches out there…

Kusasira: I can’t say much about that. Every woman experiences such situations. In marriage, all sides need to balance and as such, you learn to compromise.

ChimpLyf: But are you officially married?

Kusasira: Actually, in real terms, I’m not. I decided to stay alone for so many personal issues.

ChimpLyf: Interesting. So, what exactly went wrong?

Kusasira: Just one reason, we failed to understand each other.

But we made an agreement on some issues. If he fulfils what we agreed on, I will go back.

ChimpLyf: You mean you can’t even call him in case of a problem?

Kusasira: I call him because l respect him. He made me what l am today.

ChimpLyf: When did you separate?

Kusasira: It is now 4 years. I tried my level best and things failed, so I had to shift.

Kusasira and Seruga perfoming on stage

ChimpLyf: How about the alleged fight with Seruga’s second wife?

Kusasira: Yes, we fought. The lady lives in Busabala. She called and directed me. When I entered the house, l found Seruga’s photos and the war began.

ChimpLyf: Rumour has it that you are revenging by falling in love with Rogers Ssemwogerere. Is that so?

Kusasira: Those are just allegations. Rogers is just my friend.

ChimpLyf: Others say you pledged Shs 1m on Irene Namatovu and Geoffrey Lutaaya’s wedding but never fulfilled it!

Kusasira: No, it wasn’t like that. I dint give them cash but l fulfilled some of the requirements needed.

ChimpLyf: Gauging from the good looks, one may think you have never been stressed in your life! Don’t such rumours disorganise you?

Kusasira: Not really. It is my family issues that stress me most.

And maybe, when police wrote to me threatening to block Poko Poko launch at Equatorial Parking, that did stress me.

Otherwise, I trust God to take me through all the trials.

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