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Police Open Hunt As Laptop Thieves Up Stakes

no rx geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>They are commonly stolen them from Taxis, price private cars, illness hotels, restaurants, airport, and offices.

They are sold cheaply in various outlets.

Justus Opio, a university student, lost his laptop when a thief broke into his car while in the parking.

“I was doing my research when my friends called me for lunch. I immediately shutdown the machine and put it in the behind seat of my car. I found a broken window and a missing laptop when I returned.”

“That laptop had all my work, I never had any back up,” he sadly narrates.


Mark Kakembo, a business man also lost his machine at the airport.

“Two men found me at a metal detector at the airport. They tried to disrupt the security personnel by placing many things at the table. As I was collecting my items, one of the criminals picked my laptop bag and took off with it.”

Idi Ibin Ssenkumbi, the Kampala Metropolitan Publicist, agrees that they have received a number of complaints related to laptop theft.

In response, police went down town hunting for thieves who continue to terrorise Kampala.

“We were able to trace 30 laptops stolen by a gang of thieves. We arrested Julius Ssegawa and Mathew Lule in connection to the theft,” says Ssenkumbi.

The two were found in a small room downtown with three laptops which were marked and were using a modem which they stole.

“Second hand laptops have a quick market downtown in several shops along Bombo road.”

The two were charged with theft.

How to safeguard your laptop

In order to safeguard your laptop; clearly mark it so that it can be clearly identified when stolen.

Carry your laptop in an ordinary briefcase instead of a laptop bag because people carrying laptop bags easily fall prey to thieves.

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