Hope Mwesigye Attacks Museveni, Backs Mbabazi For 2016

store geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Mwesigye is Mbabazi’s sister-in-law and considered the leader of the Premier’s underground mobilisers.

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viagra order geneva;”>Speaking to journalists in Kabale town on Friday, Mwesigye blasted President Museveni for “presenting himself as the sole candidate in 2016 which is unlawful and will disintegrate the party.”

While Museveni did not ask NRM members to front him for President in the upcoming elections, he appeared to have blessed or welcomed the initiative.

He, however, said the party’s flag-bearer in the presidential elections would be determined by the Delegates Conference.

This was the first time Mwesigye, who was dropped as Agriculture Minister in the 2010 Cabinet reshuffle, was opening up on reports that Mbabazi intends to stand for President.


It is common knowledge in NRM circles that Mwesigye, hitherto known as “yellow girl,” has never forgiven Museveni for kicking her out of Cabinet after losing the Kabale MP seat.

In fact it was at the same time that Jacqueline Mbabazi was relieved of her duties as head of the Luweero Defence Industries. She was replaced by former Military intelligence boss, Brig James Mugira.

A visibly angry Mwesigye said the ruling NRM caucus’ resolution in Kyankwanzi to front Museveni for 2016 was “beyond their powers.”

“The NRM Parliamentary caucus’ so-called resolution to consider ‘Mr. Museveni’ as the sole candidate was unlawful because their mandate was to consider what is before Parliament which they did not do.”

She explained that the Article 35 of the NRM Constitution stipulates that the NRM Parliamentary caucus shall consist of NRM members of Parliament and the functions of the caucus is to consider and adopt a common position on any parliamentary business before the matter is tabled before the house.

“Thus their only sole function is to consider and adopt a common position before Parliament discussion on Bills,” charged Mwesigye.

On Mbabazi contesting for presidency in the 2016 general elections, Mwesigye observed: “Contesting is a personal matter and if he wants to contest he will contest for the presidency and people will decide and should not be blocked by anyone.”

She added: “Contesting is a personal matter even if you advise someone and that person wants to contest he will have to contest. So really if he wants to contest he will contest and if others also want to contest don’t block them and then let people have their choice.”

Mwesigye’s remarks are likely to add salt to NRM political turmoil as Mbabazi and Museveni struggle for power ahead of the 2016 elections.

While Mbabazi has on several occasions denied having campaigned for President, his wife Jacqueline and Mwesigye continue to mobilise support for him.

It remains unclear why Mbabazi, who says he is not interested in Presidency, is yet to restrain his wife and Mwesigye from canvassing support for 2016.

Mbabazi, whose position as Secretary General was weakened this week with the appointment of Richard Todwong as chief mobilise, continues to send mixed signals about his intentions.

Appearing on Capital Gang on Saturday morning Mbabazi said he would contest against Museveni.

He, however, added: “If NRM can have an opinion that Museveni stands as sole party candidate, then others are free to think that I can be president. If I want to stand in NRM there is nothing that will stop me.”

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