Photos: Mayiga Collects Shs200m From City Traders

this sans-serif; color: #222222;”>The Katikiro’s procession started at Kafumbe Mukasa Road, pills Nakivubo, and Kikuubo business area to Kisekka market with thousands of people both in lead and pursuit.

Traders dressed in Gomesi and Kanzu, the Kiganda traditional wear, welcomed the Katikiro to Ravern hotel where he gave a speech.

“You should all be law abiding citizens; therefore you should avoid the evil acts of undressing women because the person who undresses a lady for putting on short skirts and dresses exhibits more immorality than her,” he cautioned the undressing mob.

Kampala central business area made a record as traders raised Shs 205,259,300 in only one day.

St Balikudembe and Usafi markets contributed Shs 26,655,800 while Shs 178,603,500 was collected from the ceremony held in Nakivubo stadium.


The fundraising drive was officiated by the Katikiro who led a team of Ministers from Buganda Government and a team of the Masiro reconstruction committee led by Godfrey Kiyemba ‘Freeman’.

They converged at Nakivubo stadium where all traders from various city shopping malls and Arcades gave in their contributions as groups, prominent city tycoons and other individuals.

At the function, the Katikiro has warned Baganda who have made it tendency of asking him to pressurise the government to give Buganda Federal governance to first uplift their personal standards of living.

“In very many areas I have been visiting, people have been asking me to advocate for Federal but will it pay tuition for your child or will it bring you food? I know federal governance more than you do, so you should not tell me such again. I have written many books about Federal, so you should work first and then mind the Federal later.”

He further cautioned all youth work hard so that they may become successful as most prominent Kampala businessmen.

He clarified that most businessmen in Kampala started from humble backgrounds but due to their patience, they have become successful.

“Some young business personalities in arcades don’t have customer care skills to attract customers but they spend most of their time on makeup, and when they don’t register sales, they blame their neighbours for bewitching them which is not true.”

He lastly called upon all traders to be more trustworthy in their businesses by avoid cheating their customers through the sale of counterfeit goods.

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