South Sudan

Fear As Juba Armoury Explodes

abortion sans-serif; color: #222222;”>Eyewitnesses in the capital Juba say that sounds of big gunsstore sans-serif; color: #222222;”> followed by a dark smoke started around 3pm.

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Sources also add that heavy artillery was being fired inside Gaida where ammunitions of Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) are kept; from two points; which is not yet defined exactly whether it was an accident or a planned move.

Meanwhile, the officials in Juba have confirmed five commandos to have perished and three wounded from the fighting which started on Wednesday early morning over disagreements on salaries.

Multiple sources also say that one Commando Unit’s commander Brig. Gen. Gatweach was also killed in the morning chaos though government maintains that Gatweach was arrested by the military police and is under detention.

More and more SPLA soldiers are being poured into Giada using speedy Land Cruisers although it is not clear what is going on inside Giada.


SPLA commanders are said to have visited the Bilpham military headquarters shortly after the incident but no communication has been made on what transpired.

Dead bosies have also been reported lying on the streets of Giada, Bilpham and Jabel.

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