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Extortion Rocks Police Cells

web geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>According to Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander, treatment Andrew Felix Kaweesi, suspects should not pay for any services while in detention.

“I have heard that there are levels within the cells in which even there is a small ‘government’ which allocates suspects where to sleep such as Sheraton where you pay Shs. 30,000, Africana for Shs. 10,000 and then Go Cool is general for those who have no money,” Kaweesi said.

He said several complaints have pinned police officers who guard the cells as part of the racket of extortionists.

Observers, however, say small ‘governments’ in police cells are formed when the law enforcement body delays to take suspects to court.

Kaweesi said the classifications in the cells should depend on the gravity of the offence reportedly committed by the suspect not on financial status.


“The issue of paying for tea without sugar a cup at shs 1,000 will not be entertained and nobody should enter the cells with valuables,” Kaweesi warned.

He added that police commanders “will have to explain what has been going on and for the case of Central Police Stations where one has been calling himself ‘Katikiro’ and heads that government within the cell is undergoing questioning.”

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