State House Aide in Bitter Lwengo Land Row

patient geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Trouble started early this year with Kukunda, remedy who claims ownership of over 1, prostate 000 acres of land, attempting to evict a one Francis Bakamwangira, 60.

Bakamwangira contends he bought a 7 square mile piece of land from a one Stephen Mwesigye who was then Chairman of Kikasa before migrating from Sheema district.

He further alleges that Kukunda, who is his neighbour, has been gradually grabbing part of his land and adding it on her farmland.

Bakamwangira tells Chimpreports that he is now left with only two acres of land.

“On this remaining piece of land, I grew maize which was also destroyed by Kukunda’s cattle. This is painful because the rest of my land was taken away,” he added.


However, this website is informed that Mwesigye sold this chunk of land to Kukunda and Bakamwangira. However, Kukunda took long to demarcate her property.

Kukunda would later be surprised upon seeing Mwesigye carrying out agricultural activities on her land.

She used security organs to evict Bakamwangira though the latter maintains a firm grip on only two acres of land.

Contacted for comment, Kukunda said several people have tried to steal part of her vast land, moves she will defeat.

“Because it is a huge piece of land, some people think it is owned by government. So they come and grow crops before claiming ownership. I want to develop my land.”

The land stretches to Kyabuuza, Lyantonde District where Kukunda erected a palatial residential house.

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