UN Brightens Lives of Persons With Disabilities

adiposity sans-serif; color: #222222;”>This was at an International Summit on accessibility with more than 40 sildenafil sans-serif; color: #222222;”>experts on accessibility and disability from all over the world for being an important in starting in enforcing an accessible environment for all persons, remedy including persons with disabilities.

UNAPD spearheaded the development of the accessibility standards aimed at promoting barrier-free physical environment for all people especially
persons with disability.

Brike author the chairman of UNAPD says they are so grateful for this award as it demonstrates that the world “has appreciated our work and gives us more courage to work for the removal of barriers that prevent person with physical disability from accessibility their rights on equal basis with other citizens”.

Brike expressed their dismay to the embassy of Germany for denying a visa to UNAPD’S legitimate representative to Vienna conference in spite of
submitting and innovation and correspondence with the UN.

Monica Nadyope, the executive director of UNAPD, also expressed her gratitude to Parliament and the President of Uganda that has enacted the building standards has been cited.


The act mandates all constructors to make all public buildings accessible, establishes building control communities for all urban areas where PWDS are represented.

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