Kagame: 2013 No Easy Year For Rwanda

stuff geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>In his new year message to the armed forces, side effects Kagame said the year 2014 will bring “new promises and challenges” and that “We will undoubtedly be confronted with more threats and hardships, but I am confident that with our spirit and experience, and resilience, we will prevail.”

2013 was no easy year for Rwanda as citizens in the north bore the brunt of cross-border bombardments by hostile forces in the DRC.

It was at the same time that the United States and other countries slashed aid to Rwanda following allegations that Kigali was supporting the M23 rebellion.

The Congo conflict did not only plunge Kigali into a diplomatic crisis but also stoked tensions in the region, with many fearing a breakout of a regional war.

Rwanda also witnessed grenade attacks in Kigali in which several people were killed and others wounded. Some FDLR elements were arrested in connection with the attacks.


Kagame said “not only shall we survive those challenges; working together with patriotism and commitment, we shall also achieve greater successes for Rwanda and the larger international community.”

The President further noted that the ending year has been yet another time of distinguished service to the people of Rwanda and the Nation’s interests.

“Each of you servicemen and women effectively contributed, through your collective work, to delivering the peace and safety Rwandans, residents and foreign guests have continued to enjoy within our national borders. The people of Rwanda are grateful for your selfless service, sacrifices and continued commitment,” he observed.

“The Government and leadership of Rwanda, at the various levels, commend you for successfully achieving your core mission; securing our homeland and deterring hostile activities against our nation. Your contribution to socio-economic activities through various initiatives such as ’Army Week’ and Gender Based Violence programs provided a meaningful input towards achieving our national development goals.”

Beyond the national borders where Rwanda participates in peacekeeping missions, Kagame commended security forces “for your consistent record of professionalism, discipline and resilience in addressing regional and global security challenges in line with our Nation’s principles, interests and priorities.”

He mourned the death of soldiers who passed away while in the service of our nation both at home and in missions abroad in 2013.

“Their sacrifices were not in vain; they will be remembered and emulated by new generations of patriots.

As we begin a New Year, I urge you all to maintain and improve the standards of professional conduct, discipline and patriotism you have demonstrated in 2013. Above all, I ask you to uphold our most important attribute; the Rwandan Spirit.”

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