Archbishop Lwanga Tips Gays On Spiritual Rebirth

drug click sans-serif; line-height: 200%;”>In his Christmas message delivered at the grand mass held at Lubaga visit web sans-serif; color: #222222;”>Cathedral today, Wednesday morning, Lwanga expressed deep concern over the soaring trends of homosexuality, “a behaviour which is in breach not only of God’s word but out national constitution as well”.

“Our laws are clear about how people of the same sex are barred from getting married and the holy book reemphasises this in Leviticus 18”22.

“I don’t know why our parliament could take all this time discussing whether or not we should have a law against homosexuality.”

“Let’s preserve our dignity as God’s loved children by preserving his own image in which we were all created, and desist from such abominable acts and behaviour.

Lwanga called upon the “lost” to rediscover themselves through spiritual rebirth in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ.


St Cecilia choir gave the melodies of the day

He emphasised spiritual renewal and desisting from such acts as homosexuality, as the basis of real salvation.

“We have been quite a disappointment to God our father and Christ his son for failing to live a proper life or trying to emulate his example when he came and lived amongst us a straight and sinless life,” he said.

“As we celebrate this birth of our Lord Jesus Christ this year round, let us resolve to do as the Lord wishes us, and have respect for our fellow humans.”

As people prepare to enter into 2014, Bishop Lawga urged them to heed to Pope Francis’ message to seek God first, and that as Ugandans, the obligation is even higher considering the country’s motto “For God and My Country which every citizen ought to live by.

In attendance were a number of dignitaries from both Central and Buganda Governments who included Vice president, Edward Ssekandi, Buganda Prime Minister, Charles Peter Mayiga, and Members of Parliament, among other officials.

Vice President, Edward Ssekandi

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