Low Customer Turn Up Hits Owino Market

approved geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Chimp Corp, Michael Nteza, for sale visited the butchers in Owino market and managed to listen to the views of the meat dealers.

In Owino market, a Kilogram of meat has been ranging between Shs 8,000 to Shs 8,500, Goat’s meat Shs 10,000 to Shs 12,000, offals at Shs 3,500 to Shs 4,000, Liver Shs 12,000, and minced meat at Shs 6,000.

Nsubuga Musa, a butcher in Owino market remarks, “We stocked a lot of meat hopping that we are going to have a lot of customers but the turn up has not yet been as high as we expected. With time, we hope the customers will come”.

He also noted that this period has been the worst ever since he joined the business three years back.

For vegetables; tomatoes ranged from Shs 500s depending on the quantity a customer wanted.


Mary Namusisi, a tomato wholesaler, remarked thus, “The customer turn up has not been impressing to the extent that a sack of tomatoes which used to cost around Shs 200,000 now costs only Shs 80,000” stating that she stoked in plenty but has no buyers.

Shops in Owino market and shops around town have relatively similar prices for some commodities like rice ranging from Shs 3,500 per kg going on wards, Sugar at Shs 2,500, Salt Shs 800 to Shs 1000 per kilogram, Beans from Shs 2,500 a kg, and Spaghetti 400gms at Shs 2,000.

Fruits like pineapples range from Shs 700 in Owino, pawpaws Shs 2,000, water melon Shs 1,000 onwards, passion fruits 10 to 20 of them will cost you Shs 1,000 if you happen to buy from Owino market and some vendors from Nakasero market.

Ingredients which you can’t miss on the shopping list this Christmas like Onions range from Shs 700 in markets around town, cabbages Shs 500 in owino, green pepper Shs 300 apiece, carrots at Shs 1000 in Owino while in Nakasero a kilogram costs Shs 2000.

A bunch of bananas costs around Shs 15,000 going onwards, Irish potatoes in Owino and Nateete range from Shs 1,000 going up wards, sweet potatoes also cost Shs 1,000.

Ivan Kisitu, a farmer who brought his bananas from the village for sale at Kafumbe Mukasa, remarks that he has been able to make a reasonable earning.

Christmas is the period of the year where people incur abnormal expenses on travelling, entertainment and edibles.

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