South Sudan

INSIDE STORY: SFC, U.S Move To Crush Machar’s Rebels

Sources from the close associates and confidants of Pentagon (US defence headquarters) and SFC, this cialis 40mg have exclusively revealed to us that Washington and Kampala governments consider the government of president Salva Kiir a legitimate one and his rival former vice president, Riek Machar, a rebel.

US who have already planted both electronic and human intelligence on the ground in Bor are going to give the SFC all necessary facilitation and a covert intelligence network to make sure they take over Jonglei State and the oil producing, Unity state.

The first target is securing Bor airport for safe landings of a sensitively selected SFC combatants and sophisticated communication equipments.

Other details cannot be put due to security sensitivity.

After taking over the airport which is five miles southeast of Bor’s central district, the SFC will impose a no-fly zone on the whole air space of Bor and the entire State of Jonglei with the spirit achieving three key winning goals at the same time.


One is cutting off any foreign or domestic supply of arms to Machar’s loyal forces under the command of Gen. Peter Gadet, known for his role in taking over Bor town and the whole of Jonglei state.

Secondly, leaving only SFC with the blanket opportunity to bring down any enemy plane since all plane shooting guns in the area would be diffused.

“We will take over that airport from them first and they will be left with no supply route. We have never lost and we are going to defeat those old “mzees” (rebels),” a SFC source told this reporter.

Inside sources have also told Chimpreports that Gen. Yoweri Museveni, president and Commander-In-Chief of Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF), the mother body of SFC, has reportedly summoned the second in commander of the Special Forces Group, Lt. Col. Sabiiti Magyenyi Muzeeyi and gave him a final order to effectively prepare the execution of the difficult mission.

Meanwhile, U.S President Barack Obama has written to the Congress not asking for their approval but a direct War Power Resolution saying Pentagon “will take action if necessary” backing his stand by the plight of several Americans currently trapped in Bor.

Their bitterness against the rebels grew after the attack on three of U.S’s CV- 22 Osprey planes which were reportedly on evacuation mission, that resulted into the wounding of four service men as confirmed by the Defence Department.

We shall keep you updated as events unfold.

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