South Sudan

EXCLUSIVE: Neur Gen Koang Survives Assassination Plot

information pills geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Sources say, drugs the assassination attempt results from Gen Koang’s action of declaring himself governor of Bentiu town and the sacking of all ministers and commissioners in the rich oil producing state.

Insiders in the 4th army division have told Chimpreports that Gen Koang is now accusing the fled Acting Governor, Nguen Monytuel, of attempting to kill him.

“The commanding officer of the tank unit was ordered by Nguen to kill me,” Koang was quoted as saying.

According to insiders, the assassination plot leaked within the 4th division army ranks involving Dinka soldiers led by the tank unit commander throwing Gen Koang into a panic.


It was also found out that the acting governor Nguen, was behind the plot since he is a sympathiser of President Salva Kiir and his government.

“Immediately, Dinka soldiers stood on one side and the Neur soldiers stood on the other. Then the firing started resulting into the fleeing of Dinka soldiers,” an insider narrated.

Gen Koang moved swiftly to incept and arrest the Acting Governor, Nguen Monytuel, but too late, the plotter had already fled for his dear life.

The assassination plot worsened matters as Gen Koang sacked everyone in top positions in Bentiu town leaving only lower level officials to continue with work.

“Both the acting governor of the unity state and the deputy fled the state for fear of being “roasted” alive,” a source told Chimpreports.

Reports reached us yesterday afternoon confirming that another top commander, Maj Gen James Koang, had defected and joined Riek Machar and Gen Peter Gadet seizing Bentiu oil state.

According to reports, the Dinka conspirators and their boss (Governor Nguen) are said to have fled to a UN base.

Fighting still continues in South Sudan.

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