State House Speaks Out On “Selective” Juba Evacuations

pharmacy geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>This message follows a complaint by Ugandans in Juba who say that the evacuation plane is only interested in saving women leaving men stranded and hopeless.

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stomach geneva;”>“They, however, are taking only ladies. Why? Is Uganda only for ladies?” quizzed Peter Kiwatala, one of the Ugandans still in Juba.

The President’s Special Assistant for Communications, Ms Sarah Kagingo, has just told Chimpreports that each and every Ugandan in Juba will be evacuated and brought home safely in due course.

“It is President Museveni’s leadership policy to rescue the vulnerable first, whenever facilities need to be shared. After rescuing women and children, the men too will be rescued,” she said.

Here is Kagingo’s full statement:


Don’t worry, Peter Kiwalata (a Ugandan who wrote to President Museveni complaining about planes evacuating only women).

It has always been President Museveni’s leadership policy to rescue the most vulnerable first; the eldery, women and children are the most vulnerable.

The planes will return shortly to pick the rest of you. We are sorry, countrymen and all South Sudanese wananchi, for what you are going through. Insecurity does disrupt livelihoods.

President Museveni is renowned for his efforts to ensure peace and security in the region.

He played a pivotal role in pacifying Burundi, deployed forces in stateless Eastern Congo to secure Uganda’s borders, lives and property of its people; played an appreciable role in reconciling parties when there was post-election violence in Kenya; took the first step to contribute forces to pacifying Somalia when the rest of the world looked away.

The South Sudan earned independence partly because he stood with black Africans of the new Republic for a long time; has steered the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) that facilitated the recent peace deal between the Democratic Republic of Uganda and the March 23rd Movement (M23) to its conclusion, plus several other behind-the-scenes negotiations for peace and security on the African continent.

Indeed world leaders rely on his views and leadership to settle several matters on the continent.

An accomplished Senior Statesman, President Museveni believes Africans must take charge of their affairs and commands from the frontline quite assertively to ensure the rest of the world relates with Africa as partners rather than a damping ground of all manner of ideology, out of touch with realities on our continent.

He has often said Uganda cannot exist as an island of peace in an insecure region. Developments in the South Sudan lend credence to his convictions.

President Museveni’s Pan-Africanist efforts and integration agenda are, therefore, for our own benefit, as well as the rest of our brothers and sisters on the continent.

We must stand together as a country to support his Pan-African stand… the Museveni-led efforts in Africa. They are well-intentioned.

I appreciate more than ever the peace we take for granted in Uganda.

Yesterday, I received information from Bibia that over 8,000 vehicles had crossed from Sudan to Uganda.

That it is possible over 20,000 Ugandans fled South Sudan. Trade is disrupted. What a loss!

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