Uganda Journalists Body Split Over Electoral malpractices

diagnosis geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The Uganda Press Network (UPN), a splinter group of UJA, said in a statement seen by Chimpreports on Saturday that it had put in place a “normalization” committee of people with “high integrity, energy and initiative to assume interim administration of UJA (act as the interim executive) and review the new constitution, conduct a forensic audit of the association accounts, compile a new voter’s register and organize fresh polls.”

This follows the chaotic UJA elections held in Kampala on Thursday.

Police used teargas to disperse the enraged journalists as tempers flared over electoral malpractices.

Led by journalists Moses Bayola and Rogers Matovu, UPN said “even before the doomed elections of Dec 19, Uganda Journalists Association had an illegitimate government in office for over a year.”

The statement added: “That same government, whose legitimacy and credibility is zero, continues to occupy office after the unfortunate collapse of elections yesterday. That administration has exhibited gross levels of hypocrisy, mismanagement, dishonesty and abuse of office, all done to extend its illegal stay in power.


The administration led by Joshua Kyalimpa has proved immensely incapable of organizing a credible election. The voter’s register was massively tampered with, membership cards of individuals deemed unfriendly to the regime withheld and nomination rules abused. We want to say that the time for this unpopular regime is up, it has exacted enough damage to the image of this community of journalists and this can no longer be tolerated.”

The development underscores the growing levels of corruption in the country that have since spread to the journalists’ fraternity.

UPN said the composition of the nomalisation committee is robust and diverse.

“The individuals have been identified and nominated purely on merit and without prior consultation and shall be announced on Monday. Each of the five candidates contesting the presidency is urged to nominate one person to join the normalization committee. The members are urged to sit as soon as possible to assign roles amongst themselves. The committee is given two weeks within which to execute its mandate.

As for the illegitimate government occupying UJA office, you are urged to exit in the next 48 hours.”

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