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DPP Receives Sodomy Suspect Mubiru’s File

site geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>In a quick chat with police spokesperson, cheap Judith Nabakooba, this morning, Chimpreports learnt the only one person came out to pin Mubiru in the alleged sodomy case but no evidence of the video has been produced.

“We got one person who alleged to have been sodomised but we don’t know who took the video or from where because it was not recovered from his house,” Nabakooba told Chimpreports.

She added: “We would be guided by the video only if it was taken from his house or if someone came out and actually confirmed that he saw Mubiru in the act in such and such a place.”

She noted that since the file, video and statement of the “victim” have been handed over to the DPP, it now up to him (DPP) to guide them.

“According to the evidence produced, the DPP can decide on whether to grant a police bond or otherwise.”


Police assures security for evidence against Mubiru

Nabakooba recently assured the public that whoever is intending to come up and give evidence against Chris Mubiru will be accorded security.

This followed complaints by some factions in the public noting that they are willing to give evidence pinning the suspected homosexual but fear to come out due to lack of security by police.

“They should approach us without any fear because we have made arrangements protecting those with reliable evidence to pin the suspect,” stressed Nabakooba while addressing journalists in Kampala on Tuesday adding that evidence will help police file a case against Mubiru in courts of law.

The police spokesperson, however, noted that no one has come out to give evidence which she said would be used to implicate the suspect adding that there isn’t sufficient evidence to convict him.

Mubiru was arrested in Kampala on Sunday and detained at Katwe Police station as he awaited charges of child molestation and other sexual related offences.

The fugitive has been on the run after videos pinning him in sodomy acts were published by a local tabloid.

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