Tumwebaze: Threats Won’t Deter Me From My Duty

The lead unhealthy http://coastalallergycare.com/wp-includes/l10n.php sans-serif;”>petitioner, shop http://cyancdesign.com/wp-includes/class.wp-scripts.php Abdhil Fadhil Kisos Chemaswet (Kween) told media recently that they were going to raise the required signatures in the given 10 days as per procedures but the plan hit a dead end as time caught up with them today, Wednesday.

The Minister is accused of condemning and engineering the impeaching of Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago, by KCCA councillors without giving him an opportunity to defend himself, since even his lawyers were barred from presenting a court order.

However, Tumwebaze came out and explained his action affirming that he had done everything within the guidelines of the law and that he would not succumb to empty threats aimed at deterring him from doing his work.

As the petitioners lost and rested their case today, the Minister reiterated his words clarifying that he will neither be intimidated nor hindered from carrying out his duties in the face of threats on his life or family.

Here is the Minister’s full statement:


The other day, a motion of censure that had been brought against me by the Western Youth MP, Hon Gerald Karuhanga and his other schemers collapsed miserably after they had failed to raise the 125 signatures required for their motion to stand and move to the next level.

For all the ten days they spent criss-crossing the corridors of parliament convincing members to sign, they managed to get only 20. Not even the majority of the entire opposition could be convinced to support them.

Many honourable Members of Parliament discerned their censure motion to be a cause without any merits and thus ignored them with all the contempt they deserved.

I wish to most sincerely thank the colleagues from both sides of the house for being objective enough and therefore, refusing to buy into such illogical and cheap manoeuvres.

I would like also to thank our media across board, for having professionally refused to be used by the schemers to report falsely and help mobilise for their wrong agendas.

While Karuhanga and group, out of shame, tried to mislead the journalists at parliament that the signatures had reached 40 on the second day of the motion so as to boost their non-starter campaign, many of the journalists refused to carry this false story and insisted on verifying with the clerk’s office.

They indeed found out the truth that the signatures on that day were actually not 40 as was being falsely traded by Karuhanga but were instead 11. What a Shame to trade in deception?

While I had no doubts in my mind right from the onset that this censure plot would eventually collapse, I was at the same time wondering for how long we (as members and the leadership of parliament) are going to continue allowing certain individuals seeking to gain cheap fame and prominence to use and also abuse platforms of the August House and the immunity that come along, to tear into pieces unfairly the reputation of others for their own personal gains?

Certainly, this will have to be resisted, especially now that the majority of colleagues are beginning to discern and detest their motives.

We may have to reconsider our rules of procedure so as to insulate the legislature against such abuses. Parliament belongs to us all and most importantly, it belongs to the people of Uganda that elect us to that August House.

No one should therefore, be made to believe that they can use it as a tool to fight and settle personal scores. It was indeed Inconceivable to seek to censure a minister for having done nothing else but his statutory duties.

Statutory duties are given as compulsory orders to any officer by a law enacted by parliament. In fact, the reverse would be true, if a minister fails to execute those statutory orders given to him or her by the law.

A censure in this case would be much more justified. Why then would I be censured for doing that which the KCCA act tells me to do?

That is why indeed the sponsors of the censure motion failed to justify any one ground for their move and instead resorted to going personal.

All that, however, can never distract me from doing what I consider right and fair. I, however, do not understand why of all, my young brother Gerald Karuhanga strives to build a name of being known not for anything else substantive, but rather for being a pure agent of deception in almost each and every crusade he champions?

Remember also, that this same Gerald Karuhanga brought fake documents to parliament and misled the House to debate and pass resolutions premised on wrong information.

Billions of money were spent by the select committee of parliament in investigating the same fake documents. I remember him (Karuhanga) then posturing before the cameras as he enjoyed huge media publicity, threatening to unleash more secrets about the alleged oil briberies.

One wonders why he didn’t spill the said secrets eventually? Just nothing else but engaging in real blackmail and profiteering from it-period! This is the integrity of some of these so-called anti-corruption crusaders.

And it should be known that any person and more so a leader who trades in deception either for a hired mission by a proxy or self gratification is by all standards corrupt.

Let us all be aware and therefore, know the challenges we have in the fight against corruption.

The idea of some of our leaders (especially those without much political substance to articulate) resorting to schemes of tarnishing the reputation of others that they fear to engage with politically on issues, and seeking to use the protected platforms of parliament and media outlets to advance their selfish agendas should be well understood by the leadership of parliament and by managers of news rooms such that the gallery they crave to act to is denied.

It should not be about how frequent one appears on the TV cameras that should make him/her more popular and credible but rather the substance and ideas he/she espouses.

As a generation, we must resist these acts that seek to bastardise our politics and push our reputation as a nation to the gutter. Let us contest on ideas and thus develop a brand of clean politics.

And it doesn’t matter which political party card you and I hold. I wish therefore, to unequivocally state, that I remain unshaken in my resolve to firmly and decisively do all that is lawful and which falls within my line of duty.

I shall never be intimidated. The issues of Kampala management, should concern everybody who cares to think about how a capital city should look like.

I will continue to strongly support and join hands with the able management team at KCCA to work and bring about those changes all of you want and desire to see.

The idea of continuing to admire what is foreign and yet doing little or nothing about our own God given heritage is unacceptable.

Even with threats of censure and deaths targeting us as individuals and our families as has been the case, we shall not give up. The journey is on and no one will stop it.

In two years alone and even with the squabbles from politicians and other spoilers, KCCA has had major interventions in the road sector in all the divisions of Kampala than before, not to mention the well maintained city serenity, reclaimed parks and green spaces and also the general city hygiene.

A lot more is in the store, especially as we plan to finalise designs and launch the construction of two long key flyovers at Queen Tower and Kitgum house to be financed by JICA.

These will substantially transform Kampala and make life of the city users much better.

The city decongestion, however, cannot be complete without us launching a metro or city railway mass transport system, just like Nairobi has just done by linking the city centre to Jomo Kenyatta airport with fast trains.

Just imagine taking only 15 minutes to Nairobi from the airport and beating off that chronic and traditional jam that forms acutely after midday to about midnight on the main airport highway to Nairobi city.

It sounds strange but true. If it can truly work for Nairobi why not for us in Kampala? We are on the move and we need everybody’s support.

To the staff and management of KCCA, I say this to you: Be bold and let those weaklings that target to hurt and molest you on duty not ever make you resign.

Government continues to stand firmly with you and indeed your resolve and had work make me and all others in government proud.

To the executive director, your senior managers and officers thank you for the good works and for meeting your targets. To our frontline staff, the enforcement teams, sweepers, cleaners and garbage collectors, I thank you and acknowledge your dedication to duty.

The year 2014 will certainly be much better. Merry Christmas to you all and a happy new year 2014!

Frank Tumwebaze

MP, Minister in charge of the Presidency

and Kampala Capital City, Government of Uganda.

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