Mbidde Calls For Kiir, Machar Peace Talks

pill sick sans-serif;”>Mbidde said that talks must immediately commence between the government of Salva Kiir and the political leaders who are led by information pills sans-serif;”>Machar in a bidvisit web sans-serif;”> to restore peace and calm the situation which nearly resulted into a military coup.

“This must scale from the chronology of ideas that led to the establishment of South Sudan; Machar had completely got disagreements with the late John Garanga over the decision for a united autonomous country and Garanga had preferred a federal state,” Mbidde stated.

He further stated that Salva Kiir did a remarkable mistake to expel a government that included Machar, a man who was believed to have had equal powers and say in the formation of the current government.

“Dr. Macha represents a huge chunk of the army and several citizens within the country and therefore, his views and ideas must be respected for a stable S. Sudan.”

Machar was appointed vice-president of the South Sudan government after a peace deal signed in 2004.


He retained that role until July this year when he was dismissed along with other members of the cabinet.

Machar supported government forces in their fight against South Sudan’s rebel leader, George Athor, who had been accused of wagging a new “proxy war” on behalf of Sudanese government.

As such, Mbidde said South Sudan is a country that Uganda has been domesticating and nurturing for purposes of it joining the East African Community.

“South Sudan is a country that is still young, a country where all its laws are as young as less than even two years including the National Anthem act and this further explains why Uganda needs to offer a hand in settling her problems,” Mbidde added.

He further noted that S. Sudan has been occasionally under the observer status of the EAC and in case they had cleared all their debts and dues with the traders within the region and fulfilling the requirements of the treaty, they would have been allowed to join the community by now.

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