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ADF Rebels Behead 21 Civilians In DRC

click geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The United Nations mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) said Monday night it had swiftly responded by sending attack helicopters and manned foot patrols into the country’s strife-torn North Kivu province in the wake of the bloodbath.

UN said it discovered the bodies of 21 civilians brutally slaughtered, including babies, children and women, some mutilated, others raped.

Troops from the UN Mission of Stabilization in the DRC (MONUSCO) made the gruesome discovery on Friday and Saturday in Musuku village in the Rwenzori area of Beni sector.

“The killers have yet to be identified, but unconfirmed reports and villagers interrogated in the area strongly suspect that this could have been the work of the National Army for the Liberation of Uganda (NALU) and the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), two of several armed groups that have terrorized North Kivu for years.

“These atrocities will not [go] unpunished and the perpetrators will know no respite as long as they have not been held accountable for their actions before the law,” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Special Representative in the DRC, Martin Kobler, said in a statement, condemning the murders in the strongest terms.


The victims were killed with machetes or knives, and the youngest among the dead was only a few months old while three girls are reported to have been raped before being beheaded, MONUSCO said, stressing that the attack helicopters and foot patrols aimed to take control of the area and prevent a further deterioration of security for the civilian population.

“MONUSCO reminds all armed groups that the killing of civilian population, who are not party to the conflict, is considered a crime against humanity,” the mission added.

Another armed movement in the eastern DRC, the M23 rebels, recently signed an accord with the DRC Government after repeated clashes with the army supported by a MONUSCO intervention force.

UN peacekeepers are now shifting their focus to other groups in North Kivu, including Mayi Mayi and the Democratic Liberation Forces of Rwanda (FDLR) as well as NALU and ADF.

Fierce fighting has continued in the east even after various UN peace missions helped to bring relative stability to other areas of the vast country which was torn asunder by civil war from 1996 to 2003, in which well over 4 million people are estimated to have died, mainly from starvation and disease.

Led by Al Qaeda-trained Jamil Mukulu, the ADF group is known for brutality and conscription of minors.

Attempts to seize western Uganda in the 1990s met stiff resistance from the UPDF.

Majority of the fighters and their commanders were killed before returning to the jungles of Ituri to reorganize, arm and plan fresh attacks.

A few months ago, the ADF attacked a town near the Ugandan border where they looted medical supplies and food.

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