Black Means Power: Blackman Shakes World To Roots

this geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>In Uganda, Parliament and Cabinet are still engaged in intense bickering over who should mourn Mandela and who should not.

Let us not jump onto our bicycles from the front tyre. You don’t enter your car through the front bonnet or worse, the boot!

I believe order matters. I’m not some clueless American teenage delinquent who just jumps up with “I’m so excited” when there is absolutely nothing exciting!

I’m not fooled by the politics of Mandela’s death. The hyping and exaggeration of Mandela’s importance in western media is so disgusting and inexcusable.

Is the hype, the hypocritical pretence to mourn and to have lost a peace icon another way of blindfolding the African to believe that at last the world is one “global village?”


When the US President Barack Obama while eulogising Mandela at the requiem in Johannesburg hinted on hypocrisy disguised as reconciliation, a remark obviously directed to African leaders, I thought he had missed the real mark; the neo-colonialist!

African leaders are not hypocrites because they don’t pretend.

They know that Africa can only be managed by militaristic dictatorships and not “empty slogans or sugar-coated words” referring to democracy as if democracy was some bird you can hunt down and chain to a twig.

So, they have established themselves as such, without mincing their words. African leaders appear to their people in their true shapes and the people have come to understand this fact.

African leaders don’t put on plastic smiles and claim to love their neighbour as they love themselves. When they are angry, their faces darken and everyone gets to know. How then are they hypocrites?

I find hypocrisy, high class and immeasurable hypocrisy, somewhere else. Fascists get a chance of running scot-free; surviving the punishments they deserve for incarcerating African patriots during the apartheid regimes in Africa and automatically start glorifying Mandela.

As the 1775-83 American War of Independence raged on, an English noble William Pitt warned, “this glorious…spirit animates millions in America…who will die in defence of their rights as men, as freemen…you cannot conquer America…”

When the American independence was declared, a British official Franklin said, “we must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

In our case, is it because it has proved an elusive or losing battle to try to tame African nationalism? Or is it because fascists who terrorised Africans did not “hang together or separately” because of Mandela’s divine intervention?

As I was writing an article about Mandela’s death (my eyes wet, hands writhing with the pain of Ubuntu-black humanness and consciousness), numerous tweets were whizzing and showering like rainstorms on twitter from “western sympasisers” who were hurt by his death more than his wives and children.

I know why they idolise him; because for 27 years of devilish incarceration, the kind Satan himself would not stand, they failed miserably to break his spirit. The African spirit, the spirit of Ubuntu, that unmatchable resilience!

And yet, after failing to dehumanise and demonise him; Mandela preached forgiveness instead of revenge giving them an opportunity to get away with their sins. They should as well worship him as the Jesus of the 21st century!

That some fascist terrorists mistreated, tortured and dehumanised Africans for so long, is a fact. In one way or the other, they expected to pay for their sins.

Pope John Paul II was not an African president but a world catholic leader. He was buried by around 70 presidents mostly from the catholic nations.

Why did Mandela’s burial attract more than 91 presidents from all religious denominations? Was he practically greater than the pope?

Is it for his death or preaching forgiveness that Mandela is hyped in western media? Why would a black man put the world on tenterhooks because he preached reconciliation?

Didn’t Martin Luther King Jr, a black man fighting for the civil rights of millions of negroes in the slavery-infested America and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the mahatma of India, all preach love, forgiveness and reconciliation? How far were they hyped?

Is this hyping intended to show that there is nothing great an African can do? Is it a cynical gesture to the African, that he can only gain international fame by turning the left cheek after being smacked on the right?

Well, I will prove this cynicism false, now, right here! Let us speak the truth then. You started it!

Blackman: origin of humanity, genius and inventor!

Isn’t it recorded that Dinkanesh (a person of wonder), the oldest human bone was found in African around 5 million years back and the oldest female homo sapiens bone (modern man) too was found in Ethiopia 100,000 years ago?

Let us restrict our discussion to great things that the world owes to the ingenuity of a black man.

As black children grow up, they praise modern wonders unfortunately attributing them to another person since the education they receive is meant to hide from them the fact that it is their grandfathers who invented such wonders.

Here is a list of black inventors across centuries:

a) Lewis Latimer (1848-1928) invented the carbon filament used by Thomas Edison in the light bulb and later the telephone in 1876 while Alexander Bell took the credit.

b) Frederick M. Jones (1949) invented the air conditioner.

c) Henry T. Sampson made the first cellular phone (1971).

d) Alexander Miles is the brain behind the modern elevator system (1867).

e) John Lee Love made the pencil sharpener (1897).

f) Dr George Alcorn made the imaging x-ray spectrometer in 1962.

g) George Crum invented the ladies’ favourite: potato chips (1962).

h) Charles Drew made the first blood bank (1937).

i) Dr James E. West is the brain behind an electric microphone (1960s).

j) Lonnie E. Johnson made the super soaker (air pressure) in 1989.

k) Dr Shirley invented the telecommunication system in the 1970s.

l) Michael G. Moye is the genius behind the beloved sitcom (1987).

m) Valerie Thomas made the illusion transmitter that enables iPods and MP3 players to work.

n) Mathew Cherry made the first tricycle (bicycle with three tyres) in 1888.

o) George Grant made the golf tee (nail-like object they fix in the ground and put the golf ball on) in 1899.

p) Dr Thomas Elkins made the refrigerator locally called fridge in 1879.

q) Morgan Garret invented the traffic lights (the kind you see in Wandegeya) in 1923.

r) Granville Woods invented the telegraph system (1887), railway air brakes (later in 1903), steam boiler radiator (1884) and a third railway subway (1893).

s) Eagle Brown made the machine that makes modern shoes.

t) Robert F. Flemming Jr made the first guitar (1886) and so on and so forth. The list is endless!

Do you still doubt the phrase “black means power, black is super strength”?

We are even led to believe that civilisation is a western affair yet civilisation started in Egypt, Africa.

Herodotus, Greek historian, known as the “father of history” in his Histories, clearly states that Olympia Greeks are Egyptians who conquered Athens in 1783 BC.

The great Chiek Anta Diop, Senegalese historian, in his book History of Africa notes that “the method for diagnosing sterility in women as indicated in Carlsberg papyrus 4, was copied, word by word, by Hippocrates (greatest Greek physician of antiquity, regarded as the father of medicine) from the works of Egyptian physicians stored in the library of the Temple of Imhotep at Waste (Luzor).”

“Furthermore, the Smith papyrus (Afrikan) speaks of forty eight cases of bone surgery and external pathology. Centuries ago, an Afrikan Glider plane invented by Pa-di-Imen, showcased in especial “aero plane” exhibition at Cairo Museum was in place 2,300 years ago.”

“More so, the oldest mathematical script, that is over 20,000 years is from Zaire, called Ishango Bone. In the Rhind papyrus (still Egyptian records); metallurgy, architecture, mathematics, astrology and astronomy were all perfected in Afrika before being duplicated by Europeans.”

“The Zodiac signs (star signs) for example come from the Ethiopians of Waste. The example of their star drawings are now located in the Louvre Museum.”

So, that is how it has been: black is not only strength but inventiveness, genius, indefatigable power that has shaken the world to the very roots for ages.

If history does not lie, no one has ever commanded such attention (as Mandela did) across the centuries or will ever do in so many centuries to come.

Worse still, that person being a black man, a son of the soil, born and raised here.

See, we never believe until we see! Uganda’s Kihura Nkuba, one of those few “African” Africans, has over the years emphasised how great a black man is and yet, sadly, very few do believe him.

No one should try to manipulate Africans again! We have been here (on earth) millions of years earlier and we will be here millions of years to come.

Mandela’s hullabaloo world over is a mere particle of the black man’s earthquake that has shaken the world and continues to shake it for generations.

Like I promised, I will never disturb his memory again. Let the fighter rest in eternal peace.

Moral: Black is power! Do not mistake or ever forget that fact again!

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