Gen Sejusa Attacked At FUF Launch

price geneva;”>Renowned Kampala human rights activist and intellectual property lawyer, treatment Monique Wyatt, took the audience by surprise when he rose to her feet during the function held at The London School of Economics before blasting Sejusa for committing heinous atrocities against the Acholi at the peak of the LRA insurgency.

“You committed genocide against the Acholi when you commanded anti-insurgency operations in Northern Uganda,” Wyatt slammed the fugitive army General who wanted in Uganda for attempting to overthrow the government of President Museveni.

Wyatt also separately expressed shock that Britain was giving refuge to a “war criminal” to launch a “rebel/terrorist” group in London.


The activist did not get any answer from Sejusa as she was quickly wrestled out of the meeting.

Sejusa later appealed for forgiveness before urging the formation of a reconciliation committee to prosecute or forgive the perpetrators of crimes in the north.

The incident signals the challenges that face Sejusa and FUF as they work around the clock to enroll new followers to cause regime change in Uganda.

Sejusa has in recent years come under heavy criticism over allegations of war crimes in Northern Uganda.

He is remembered for having publicly flogged, humiliated and jailed former minister, Mr Daniel Omara Atubo.

It is also alleged that During Operation North (in 1991), General Sejusa placed the entire Northern Uganda under security lockdown before detaining and torturing civilians suspected of collaborating with LRA leader, Joseph Kony. Thousands died in concentration camps.

Sejusa has repeatedly denied perpetrating these crimes.

The function was attended by several Ugandans and others who are opposed to Museveni’s government, including Oxford University law professor Kaveh Mousavi, Walter Odoch, Vincent Magombe, Dr Alex Magezi and Dr. Amii Omara-Otunnu.

Otunnu, who presented the group’s manifesto, called for election reforms and stiff resistance against Museveni’s leadership.

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