Sheila: My Passion Is Beach Volleyball

this geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Behind her being principled, approved lies a jolly, cheap friendly and fun making personality which you can only get attracted to if you choose to know it!

Buyongo first got involved in beach volleyball 13 years ago which mathematically dates back to 2000!

Never mind where she started playing it from; she is an acclaimed veteran in the sport.

She has paired up with the likes of Hadija Nammanda, Sophie Nanyonga Nuwagaba, and most recently, Maggie Nambasa.

Along the years, she has won a number of accolades earning her respect among her opponents.


In 2001, Buyongo paired up with Hadija Nammanda and won the 4th leg of the national circuit, and with Sophie, she has won two national circuits, the Inaugural Rwanda MTN International tournament at Gisenyi and has on two occasions (read years) been crowned joint top seed.

Buyongo has also played on beaches across Uganda’s borders on National duty.

She has played in Rwanda and the Gisenyi tournament, and this year, represented the country at the Bora Bora International tournament in Burundi where she was a semi-finalist.

Happily married with two cute daughters, Buyongo confesses that her toughest opponents in the sport have been the retired pair of Ndasaba Dorcus and Maggie (Kenyan Internationals) and that her biggest strength on the sand is her defence and game reading skills.

She is currently fifth seed in the Ladies local rankings and paired with Maggie Nambasa.

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