Wamala: GOtv Hit 2013 Mark

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Anyway, he was told to wait as the Public Relations Officer, Tina Wamala, was still holding a meeting about the forth coming media boat cruise scheduled for December 18, at MV Amani Boat Cruise starting at 3:30pm.

So, the questions start knocking and rumbling within his head as he wonders what the two year-old GOtv Digital Television introduced by Multichoice has achieved so far!

That is exactly when Wamala stepped in. Pleasantries set aside, the chat commenced since the Corp has prior made an appointment to that effect.

Chimp Corp: Why did you choose to introduce GOtv yet you had DStv serving the same purpose?


Wamala: DStv is a satellite based product that is very much perceived as a high end product by many people in the country and on the continent.

The whole rationale of introducing GOtv was to appeal to the mass market that is, to every average person. The quality and product are matched with DStv for the betterment of our customers.

Multichoice sales persons giving out GOtv decorders

Chimp Corp: What is the difference between DStv and GOtv? Ridiculous question, heh!

Wamala: Hnh! Well, the major difference is that DStv is a satellite product and picks every corner of the country regardless of your locality as long as you have the kite and the equipment in your house and at the work place and has five bouquets ranging from premium to access package.

GOtv on the other hand, falls under the Digital Terrestrial Television platform which means, you don’t need a satellite dish to get the service but only need a decoder and depending on the locality, one can get the signal and the masts set up in different towns to enable you get the signal.

This is more affordable for the customers having only two products that is, GOtv and GOtv plus.

Chimp Corp: Are there places where people cannot access GOtv?

Wamala: Yes, like I said, it depends on where the signal is but in most cases, in places where the mast is, the signal reaches a kilometer radius of 50 depending on where you are as a potential customer.

Chimp Corp: So, what is the way forward since some people can’t access the service?

Wamala: Beginning of this year (January), we only had the signal of GOtv in Kampala and Entebbe but as we speak now (December), I’m pleased to announce that we have 9 additional sites in other towns in other regions.

We spread ourselves out of Kampala and we are now in Arua, Lira and Gulu in the North and in the East, we are in Iganga, Jinja and Mbale, in Masaka (central), and Mbarara and Kasese in the West.

This shows that we are ready and willing to serve our customers in the shortest time possible.

Chimp Corp: Any plans of adding on more sites?

Wamala: Definitely, I can’t confirm where and when it will happen but our commitment is to ensure that our products are available to every single person in the country.

It is very expensive more on the side of GOtv because putting up a site requires a lot of investment but hopefully, in the near future, we shall be in every town in Uganda.

Chimp Corp: Some people are complaining of the poor signals. They say that the GOtv signal is worse than that of StarTimes! What is wrong?

Wamala: We do periodic upgrades whereby we boost the signal so as to reach the outer surrounding areas of the town and this year, we have done three in total.

In addition, when we launched out, the customers were buying GOtv decoders with a stub antenna and we did a swap exercise in the months of September and all customers got GOtv antennas which are far superior picture as a way of improving the signal.

Chimp Corp:Since the introduction of GOtv, what setbacks have you encountered?

Wamala: Signal is the biggest challenge, especially before we rolled out the swapping exercise.

Secondly, changing of our product prices tends to irritate our customers and this is caused by many factors involved including managerial decisions, analysis of the economy performance and the fluctuation of the shilling, especially for the DStv product.

The other challenge is competition from other market rivals which keeps you on your toes to ensure that either you are the trend-setters or only following.

Chimp Corp: Alright, any surprised in store for your customers?

Wamala: Yes, of course! 2014 is a big year for us as Multichoice. We can’t wait for the World Cup in Brazil which we will show exclusively on our Super Sport channels from match one to the final match.

We have Big Brother too and the African Magic Viewers Choice Awards. Many more surprises await our customers.

Well, the Corp smiles as Wamala shakes his hand appreciatively and escorts him out.

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