Proscovia: I Have No Future In Netball

viagra 100mg geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>After tutoring these nations in the game of netball, cheapest the She Cranes, led by their captain, Peace Proscovia, lifted the trophy, boarded a plane and came back home on Monday.

Halima Nakachwa of She Cranes could not hide her joy

ChimpSport utilised the opportunity to track down the force behind the team’s success, captain Proscovia and here are the excerpts detailing the journey to their success.

Fact file

Name: Peace Proscovia

Place of birth: Arua

Parents: George Angodua and Winfred Amaguru

Date of birth: November 1, 1989


Education: Masters in Business Administration/Diploma in Development Studies

Job: None

ChimpSport: How was the trip?

Proscovia: I wouldn’t say very fine because we missed the flight at first.

ChimpSport: How did you feel after missing the flight?

Proscovia: It demoralised the entire team, but we were still hopeful that we would make it the following day.

ChimpSport: Why did you (players) accept to pay money to re-schedule your flight; was that your responsibility?

Proscovia: Yes it was our responsibility because we have been in the game because of the passion we have for it.

We only deducted that money from what we had been given by National Council of Sports as allowances.

ChimpSport: After getting to Singapore, how long did it take you to play the first game?

Proscovia: Mmh! The courts were near our accommodation but it took us two hours to play the first game.

ChimpSport: But you were too tired considering the delayed flight; didn’t this affect your performance?

Proscovia: Tired? No! Our bodies were still active and that is why we won.

ChimpSport: Do you think the team missed any player who would have helped it in one way or another?

Proscovia: No, we had the best players on team.

ChimpSport: Did the cancellation of this year’s league affect your performance, although you won?

Proscovia: Never, because players in their respective clubs train on daily basis.

ChimpSport: By the way, when did you (Proscovia) start playing netball?

Proscovia has come a long way

Proscovia: I started to play for the national team 5 years back.

I was in F.1 at Mvara Secondary School when my teacher discovered this talent but initially, I was an athlete.

ChimpSport: What factors enabled She Cranes to win this tournament for the first time?

Proscovia: Hospitality in Singapore! We also had a good financial facilitation from National Council of Sports and the government.

We were struggling for the country to be ranked among world nations that can boost of talent. Coach Mugerwa himself was technical enough to make the team victorious.

ChimpSport: What do you think the win indicates for Uganda and the world at large?

Proscovia: It indicated that Uganda is among the super-powers in the game of netball, though she has always been silent.

It also indicated that qualifying for the World Cup may be an easy task for us.

ChimpSport: Said like a real captain, what inspired you?

Proscovia: In the first place, netball has been like playing for charity but attracting government support inspires me and the whole team.

ChimpSport: Of course, of course! You won; what next?

Proscovia displays her skills

Proscovia: We are looking ahead to qualify for the World Cup. We are hoping to defend the title if called to take part again.

We shall be working more hard now to attract again more individual sponsors and end the routine of playing netball as “charity work’’.

ChimpSport: What should the Netball Federation do for the nation to have more trophies of this kind?

Proscovia: They should work on professionalising the game to attract more sponsors.

The Federation should streamline the activities of the game in advance. Young players should be called on the national team so that they can also represent the country.

ChimpSport: You were called to present the trophy before the Parliament of Uganda today, Friday, how do you feel?

Proscovia: This is not the first time I’m going to parliament as a netballer but I feel so happy.

For the team, it means the parliament recognises what we do and they are behind us.

She Cranes player trains her Singapore counterpart how to play professional netball

ChimpSport: Where do you think you will be in the game of netball 5 years from now?

Proscovia: I don’t think I will still be in netball!

ChimpSport: You’re so young, why do you want to quit so fast?

Proscovia: There is no future in netball because the game is so amateur.

I am pursuing my Masters degree from Uganda Christian University Mukono, and in 5 years to come, I will be doing other businesses.

ChimpSport: Next week, you will be in parliament, if you are given a chance to address legislators on the floor as a captain; what will you ask for?

Proscovia: I will ask the government to facilitate the game at least half way. And to have a policy that can make the game of netball and other games at large to be professionalised.

ChimpSport: What is your appeal to the young generation in the game of netball?

Proscovia: I would encourage them to stay in the game but remember that it has no future at the moment.

It is healthy and as you travel, at least you are assured of adventure.

She Cranes being received at Entebbe airport

Peace Prosscovia became the national team captain this year replacing Amono Florence who has no more time to take on this obligation though still playing for national team.

She has led the team to victory twice this year including African women netball championships in Malawi and now, the six nation’s tournament in Singapore.

For the record, She Cranes almost missed the Singapore tournament because of shortage of funds. The “angelic” ladies dug deep into their own pockets to pay for their flight.

It was the Speaker of parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, who went to president Museveni and vouched for the team. The president then released Shs 102 million to facilitate the team.

However, the funds came when the ladies had already left for Singapore and yet, they played with such patriotic sentiments that they won game after game till they overwhelmed hosts Singapore at the final to lift the title.

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