Kabale Churches Face Closure For Misguiding Followers

website like this geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>The secretary for health Kabale district, Loy Zikampereza, told Chimpreports that the disease prevalence has increased due to pastors and bishops who are using the media to mislead the general public that they heal diseases without one undergoing medical treatment.

“We have always got problems with pastors from different churches who go on radios telling people that with prayers you can become HIV negative which has become a great challenge to us, especially while treating HIV victims because many have refused to take ARVS,” Zikampereza said.

She added: “some churches are no longer preaching the Gospel but are instead conning people of their money. As the district, we shall not wait to see our people dying before we can intervene.”

However, Pastor Vicent Atwijukyire of Pentecostal Assemblies of God, also the HIV/AIDS coordinator for Kabale branch dismissed all allegations that this has never been in their church.

Pator Atwijukire noted that they pray for sick people and encourage them to go for treatment.


“We pray for them whenever they come for prayers but also ask them to go for treatment because its God who heals,” Atwijukire said.

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