Bebe Cool Fires Salvo At Journalist Over Zuena

information pills http://courtneybarnett.com.au/wp-includes/class-wp-comment-query.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>This followed Nankya’s “unfair” article in the Daily Monitor in which she criticized Zuena Kirema’s Life Story series on NTV.

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Angered by Nankya’s attitude, Bebe Cool today took to Facebook where he slammed the former Pioneer Easy Bus public relations officer.

“If you read this article you get to see how gals or women can be jealous of others depending on who is a loser today,” said Bebe Cool.

“Connie Nankya you should have stuck on criticizing Zuena’s life story television show and not her mistakes in life. Why? Going back to her Miss Uganda answer on stage shows you have something personal with her,” he added.

Bebe’s remarks have since touched off a firestorm on his Facebook wall, with many of his fans hurling insults at Nankya.


However, a one Kaweesi Jafar said Bebe sometimes talks ‘rubbish.’

“Let the journalists do their work. Try to reason like a grown up responsible father. Your wife is only special to you so keep the complaints yourself.”

Bebe said Nankya is hell bent on telling all and sundry that she was once a Miss Uganda contestant yet she left the stage unnoticed.

“Zuena was among the top five. Come to the point of hard work, to me she has proved that she is a hard working woman than you because she has got a life, as in a husband, three kids, two jobs, a big name and many more that I can’t mention,” the singer defended his wife.

He then blasted Nankya: “For starters look at yourself before you wake up to tarnish other people’s names. If you Google Amanya Mushega, you get to know he’s a lawyer, something many Ugandans didn’t know and Zuena putting the word big is common sense to us viewers because he had a big man in Uganda.”

Bebe also revealed Nankya’s secrets including club hopping and alcoholism.

“As to a few things that you did years back, you used to drink in clubs and drop. I personally witnessed whichever man who wanted you took you. That, Zuena never did. So (you small woman) keep off my wife because if you know better than her then you should have been doing life stories.”

A one Joseph Kiwanuka sided with Zuena: “Myself before joining the seminary, I studied with Zuena at Mayor’s college, and I remember her being one of the contestants in Miss Entebbe and she was also in MTN shows. She has been and is a cool lady. I love Her very much. She mentored me through the secondary school life.”

Bebe is well known for responding angrily to attacks on his mother of three kids.

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