Meddie to Ssemwanga: You Are The Boss!

pill http://damadetrefla.com/wp-includes/class.wp-dependencies.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>This arose as Bryan was auctioning his white suit which worn by his model who on stage.

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He said it was his most expensive suit, going for Shs 1.5 million.

“Why does a suit like that one go for that much?” asked Zari.

Bryan answered that he was selling it at that price because it was also the price at which he had bought it.

So the Boss Lady, as Zari is popularly known, was convinced and she passed over the microphone to her husband, Ssemwanga, it would fit him at the upcoming white party at Club Guvnor.


Ssemwanga on receiving the microphone said, “Big is Big. Omunene aba Munene. “I am going to buy the suit.”

The microphone was passed to Mbuga since the competition was now between two people, Ssemwanga and Mbuga.

Ssemwanga with mic, meddie with glasses and Mbugga in Blue coat

However, Mbuga declined suggesting that all the people in the building bid, something that didn’t go well with Ssemwanga.

“Come here, (Ssentongo and Mbuga). You are my brothers but when I’m away, I read in the papers that there is beef amongst us,” said Ssemwanga as the two scampered to his table.

“When I was away, I heard that you spend anyhow though I don’t know whether you still do,” said Ssemwanga with his arm wrapped around Ssentongo’s shoulders.

“I want you to tell these people what I told you; that you can be their boss when I am away. However, when I am back, you are all under me.”

Ssentongo replied in the affirmative assuring the crowd that that is what he had been told and topped it up with “you (Ssemwanga) are our boss” amid laughter from the audience.

Ssemwanga then turned to Mbuga, “I became rich at 20 years and now I am 30 years old but I have managed to sustain that wealth and even multiplied it,” said Ssemwanga.

Here, he was interrupted by Zari who protested the age affirming that he was 35 years old.

Zari poses with her fans

Ssemwanga, who lives in South Africa boasted of how he is the president of Ugandans in South Africa, a thing Mbuga who too lives in South Africa confirmed with a “you are our chairman”.

Mbuga said this in the presence of his girlfriend, Leila Kayondo who had been by his side all night, only leaving him when he went to the stage to perform.

Ssemwanga even increased the money and bought the suit at Shs 5.5 million which he paid cash.

“I don’t want you to think that Ssemwanga is after showing off. No, no. This young man needs to develop and I have to help him in achieving that. I came with this money to give to him, actually not to buy his suit. Why should I take it back?”

Ssemwanga counts the money to be given to Mbuga

After handing over the money, Ssemwanga, his wife and their friends left with a swarm of bouncers to Club Venom.

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