Couples Light Up Blankets and Wines Festival

clinic http://choladathaicuisine.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/locales.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Unlike the previous festivals, hospital this one was heavily attended and the grounds were filled to capacity.

Families made their way to the Uganda Museum grounds for the fifth Edition of the now popular ‘Blankets and Wine’ festival which had no restrictions on the age limit. It accommodated all ages ranging from babies to adults.

There were light afternoon showers which threatened the fun of the event but it later regained its life when the sun later emerged as it was coming to 4pm.

Then, it was time for the revelers to flock into the venue with their ‘Shukas’ in tow. Most of the revelers were couples. These met your eyes in all corners of the grounds.

They sat on the mats and blankets discussing and sipping expensive wines just like the day’s theme “Blankets and Wines”.


Others sat on chairs playing cards while those who came along with children had no reason to worry about them.

Some revelers chose to play cards

The bouncing castles and Ice cream shops proved to be the main attraction to the children, leaving their parents to have fun.

The revelers, mainly couples, were entertained by Uganda’s best afro-pop musicians, Maurice Kirya, Naava Grey and Milege Band.

However, as it clocked 6pm, all of the revelers got to their feet when the main act of the day, Zimbabwean guitarist, Oliver Mtukudzi took to the stage.

Mutukudzi performing Toodi

They started dancing and singing to his songs. Some even formed groups that danced, competing against each other, something that created a hype in the grounds.

Attendees dancing to and miming Toodi

The event climaxed when Toodi, the people’s favourite was sang. The crowd went wild, screaming and dancing to the song. At exactly 8pm, Mtukudzi left the stage after a fun-filled performance.

Some section of the audience too started leaving the venue while others remained dancing to the music played by pioneer Djs.

The Blankets and Wines is a festival which seeks to establish a top of mind brand that is the definitive experience of urban afro-based culture, expressed through music and supported by key lifestyle brands.

A couple lounges as attendees flock the Museum grounds

This was the fifth time of such an event being held in Uganda.

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