Museveni’s Presence At Mandela Burial Stirs Cynicism

there geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>According to the president’s special assistant for communications, ailment Ms Sarah Kagingo, “President Museveni just touched South African soil at the Waterkloof Air Force Base at around 10:00pm”.

Museveni joins other 90 world leaders who have already confirmed their presence in South Africa to honour, celebrate and escort the late president Mandela as he re-unites with his creator.

The president recently issued a heart-breaking eulogy praising Mandela for the great achievements he has commanded over the years and for aiding Africa as a continent to break free from the bonds and chains of slavery and servitude.

Among other presidents to attend the burial includes the US president Barrack Obama who says that Mandela was his greatest inspiration.

In Uganda, cynicism is already in the air regarding Museveni’s travel to South Africa.


Ugandans Go Skeptical

A Ugandan citizen who begged anonymity commented thus: I hope our President will borrow a leaf and come back a changed man. No one needs excesses in arrests, murders, corruption and nepotism, life presidency, worthless institutions of government, retarded development when Uganda is gifted with resources, dead health facilities, name them”.

Another Ugandan says, “Never and never again, shall this beautiful land (South Africa & Africa in general) experience oppression of one by another—“late Dr. Nelson Mandela swearing in at the union buildings in Pretoria in 1994 as the first democratically elected president of South Africa”.

This individual then adds: “This is a man whohad been found guilty for wanting to overthrow the apartheid regime with a force of arms decades before. Do we learn anything from such events or we are here to mock him even in his death? My question goes to Yoweri Museveni and apologists (oppressors in Uganda and the Great Lakes Region).”

This is not the first time president Museveni has been attacked for his government’s foreign policies and “over-involvement” in foreign affairs.

Recently, Chimpreports published a story in which president Museveni deliberated with the UN on the instability question in Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo at the Elysee French Summit on peace and conflicts in Africa; an article that arouse a lot of cynicism.

Here are some of the comments from Ugandans.

“Thank you, Mr President for what you have said and done for the Banyamulenge. It is time you turn to your own country. Let these groups sort it out with their own country, DRC. No one can say you didn’t help them. Confine yourself within our borders and let’s move our country forward.”

“Why not talk about Uganda the country where you are president for life? 7 million Congolese refugees, do the statistics come from your brainless head? Ugandans are suffering and sinking into poverty because of corruption all over but people are obsessed with Congo issues even though they still owe DRC $10 billion for serious crimes committed over there in Congo. No one will disband ICC until you end up there.”

“Don’t you have problems in Uganda to talk about when visiting other countries abroad? AIDS, corruption, tribalism, Lukwago saga, your own rebellion, Kony, your army where soldiers are selling guns and bullet to ADF/NALU or just disappear after their duty in Somalia. Are all these not enough for a small country as Uganda than going around the world using liars to get attention? 7 million Congolese refugees, where comes such statistics? Maybe he is after money again as you are used to con westerners. The insecurity in the Great Lakes Region is created by Museveni and Kagame via their frequent interference in Congolese Internal Affairs, nothing else.”

Well, this time around, Ugandans have set their tongues wagging again in reference to president Museveni’s presence in South Africa, claiming that it is more of “a show-off than a real act of gratitude and compassion”.

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