Kojjo: I'm Sorry For Betraying Sitenda

generic http://communalp.at/wp-admin/includes/meta-boxes.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Chimp Corp, Badru Afunadula talked to him at the probation party, at Panamera Bar in Kololo and below are the excerpts.

Chimp Corp: How was your experience on the Tusker Project Fame show?

Kojjo: It was great because I learnt a lot by associating with different cultures.

Kojjo performs before the judges

I grew musically, vocally and I perfected my dancing skills too.


Chimp Corp: What have been your most memorable moments in the Tusker Project Fame show so far?

Kojjo: The Limo journeys were incredible because it was my first time.

We got the full celebrity experience along with champagne.

Chimp Corp: There was a lot of controversy when you failed to save Sitenda a few weeks back, what prompted that decision?

Kojjo: I feel really bad about the whole situation.

Bior was my best friend in the house and we did everything together, it was only right that I saved him for our friendship.

Uganda’s Sitenda performing before eviction

I apologise to Uganda for not saving Sitenda and I hope they understand where I was coming from.

Chimp Corp: Any friendships you made while in the academy?

Kojjo: My best friend in the house was Bior.

Bior too got evicted

Sitenda and I were close as well, I pretty got along with everyone in the house.

Chimp Corp: Any crushes in the house?

Kojjo: There were beautiful girls in the house but I did not want to deter from what took me to the academy.

If I had gotten carried away, it would have affected my performance in the academy.

Chimp Corp: What did you miss the most whilst you were in the academy?

Kojjo: During my stay in the house, I missed my family the most and of course, my fans.

Chimp Corp: Who was your favourite Judge in the academy?

Kojjo: It would have to be Judge Ian, even though his comments were a bit harsh.

He spoke the truth and that’s why I truly respected him.

Chimp Corp: Would you have done anything differently in the academy?

Kojjo: Apparently from the judges and what I’ve heard, my performances were at times boring.

If I could, I would have made them more exciting and had the ability to pick my own songs so I could shine more.

Kojjo has big plans

Chimp Corp: Any collabos you might be interested in now that you are out of the house?

Kojjo: Here in Uganda, I would love to work with Chameleon and Maurice Kirya.

They are the two male individuals I look up to in the regional music industry.

Internationally, with no hesitation, it would be the one and only Usher Raymond.

Chimp Corp: What do is the next plan?

Kojjo: I hope to release my music in the near future because I have the talent and I want to be able to use that to change the world and make a difference in the music industry.

Chimp Corp: What words of wisdom do you have for contestants who are still in the Tusker Project Fame academy or those who want to audition next year?

Kojjo: If anyone is going to audition, they should do it and they should focus on what has taken them there.

Also remember that practice makes perfect. To the contestants in the house, I wish them all the best.

Chimp Corp: Any predictions on who may win this year?

Kojjo: It’s very hard to answer that because they are all talented and unique performers.

However, it would be nice if Daisy won the competition.

Kojjo and Diasy before his eviction

Chimp Corp: How can your fans get to hear more from you?

Kojjo: They can check out my Facebook page, Kojjo Derrick.

I shall be in touch with my fans and keep them up to date with what’s going on.

Watch out for Kojjo Baby!

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