100 Million Nigerians Have No Toilets

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pharmacy geneva; color: #3e454c;”>As a developing country in Africa, it matters very much. As it remains the largest producer of oil it also matters very much.

It is a very rich country given the oil resources, and that is what makes it very interesting.

Nigerians are very proud Africans unlike many African countries who give priority to Europeans. Nigerians, give priority to Nigerians. However, they have a lot of interest in extremes.

They are very humble and they call you sir, sir and sir, until when you cross them, they will riot in your face.


The other extreme is wealth and poverty. There are very many stinking rich Nigerians and there are many poor Nigerians.

The poor Nigerians blame it all on poor government policies and corruption.

However, I love their nationalism. They brag and ask you “do you know who I am?”

I read an article in a local newspaper with cartoons that portrayed the true Nigerian spirit.

One was saying “over 100 million Nigerians out of the 180 million or so have no toilets”.

Of course, this is not very different from Uganda. I think about 30% of Ugandans are reported not to have toilets.

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