Besigye Exploiting and Misleading Lukwago For Personal Political Survival

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Lukwago’s mundane zerosomeness and hard-line tendencies fit into Besigye’s belligerent political calculations.

After losing 2011 Presidential elections and ceding Presidency of FDC to General Mugisha Muntu, Dr. Besigye needed a political life line and in Erias Lukwago, a willing partner was picked off the shelf.

In Besigye’s ostensible post FDC resurgent agenda, Erias Lukwago unequivocally replaced Hon. Matthias Mpuga as annex A. Hon. Mpuga was relegated to annex B after walk to work protests were defeated.

Now it’s clear for all and sundry that Erias Lukwago demoted himself from being a Lord Mayor to being a mere political activist.


That could be one reason why he deviated from his roles as Lord Mayor and focused on sabotage of progress in Kampala city.

Because as a Lord Mayor, he would have behaved as a leader of everybody in Kampala (those who supported him and those who did not) and he would have behaved in a decorum befitting the office he was bestowed upon.

After his impeachment, it’s now too late for him to learn such decorum from the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, Michael Bloomberg of New York or indeed the Mayor of Nairobi, George Aladwa.

Now Besigye opines that Elias Lukwago is “emerging as a credible National leader; a rare commodity in our country” and some of his adherents have been openly talking of Lukwago candidacy in 2016 presidential elections! Really?

Whereas Lukwago has full rights to his own wayward ambitions, Kampala people should ask themselves whether Lukwago sought Mayorship to serve them and transform their city or he was a mere schemer who looked at Mayorship as a stepping stone for his presidential ambitions?

De he attempt to dupe the people of Kampala? But even then, by adopting Besigye’s brand of disruption & belligerence as a pathway to his political objectives- Lukwago comes out as a politician devoid of innovation and imagination- simply because Besigye strategies never worked at all.

Copycatting has never been part of a clever political stratagem. Kampala people and Ugandans are tired of politics of disruption.

Because of his disruptive tendencies, councilors have impeached him and vowed not to work with him.

How can someone who failed to manage and get along with 29 councilors out of 34, manage to govern a country and preside over an executive etc.? Well, perhaps I should leave Lukwago’s Besigye engineered adventurism at that.

But Dr. Besigye is mixing up issues. He for example argues that the KCCA act was designed by President Museveni as a ploy to take over Kampala through direct appointment of Executive Director. To take over Kampala from who?

President Museveni is the President of the Republic of Uganda and Kampala is the capital city of Uganda- fully under the jurisdiction of the state of Uganda.

How can one, therefore, suggest that the President schemed to take control of a territory that is already under his control?

Besigye should crosscheck with section 4 of the KCCA Act that stipulates boundary of Uganda’s capital city.

Even when the affairs at defunct KCC were directly presided over by leaders from the Democratic Party- these leaders were under the direct supervision of the Minister of Local Government, an appointee of the President of the Republic of Uganda.

That those leaders demonstrated incompetence is not in doubt.

Under their watch as day to day leaders at KCC, we saw the worst form of maladministration and malfunctions.

It’s during that time that markets and suburbs would be washed away by floods, Kampala’s potholes were like small crater lakes, garbage was everywhere, streets and walkways were transformed into open markets of various merchandise and foodstuffs.

It’s at that time that unplanned buildings and malls of all sorts started mushrooming.

Green spaces were turned into concrete and steel- and Kampala became a mess.

Those leaders at the defunct KCC took advantage of more menacing situations that made President Museveni and his cabinet busy- especially the war in northern Uganda.

Kizza Besigye was already in opposition politics but he never raised a finger at those KCC leaders but rather palled with them because for him, a failed Kampala city gives him arsenal to smear NRM and President Museveni.

For him, any malfunction in the country is blessing in disguise.

He wants to use challenges of any magnitude as a steppingstone for his Presidential ambitions.

Apart from laying down what he thinks is going wrong, he cannot even make suggestions for any policy options to better Kampala and transform it into a modern 21st century city.

Make no mistake, for that has been his style since 2001 when he launched his quest and desire for being president.

Besides, his usual hateful outbursts against the person and personality of President Museveni rehearsed over the years; he never offers any policy alternatives so as to demonstrate his leadership abilities.

To him, it’s not about contributing any meaningful alternate ideas for any cause of public interest.

It’s only about riding on any issue or any Trojan horse like the innocent Erias Lukwago and turn him into a matter of high political altercation and then leverage himself unto the platform of being the saviour of the polity.

This is simply cheap popularity, selfishness and nothing else! I want to tell you that the “do anything and say anything type of politics” is stale and a non-starter in Uganda.

With all the incompetence going on at the defunct KCC, complaints from citizens of Kampala and with defeat of Kony and his Lords’ Resistance Army at hand, President Museveni and NRM started deliberate and honest conversations aimed at sorting the mess in Kampala.

The KCCA Act was, therefore, promulgated to deepen efficiency of public service delivery in Kampala.

Section 17 (2) of KCCA act vests the power to appoint the Executive Director of KCCA in the President of Uganda.

This was never vehemently defended by the President or the NRM.

It was defended by Hon. Abdul Katuntu, the Bugweri Constituency MP, a member of FDC.

During plenary debate on KCCA Act, Hon. Katuntu argued “When Government comes up, I think, with this sort of Bill – we had problems in some of the aspects, but I urge my colleagues to support this initiative. Mr Speaker let me tell you. You just need to study the reports of the Auditor-General and see how Kampala has been mismanaged under the present legal regime…. So, Mr. Speaker, I do not want to labour very much because everybody believes that we need to do something about Kampala and about all our urban centers. So, I support this Bill, Mr. Speaker” (Hansard, Tuesday 2, 11, 2010).

At that time Dr. Besigye was still the President of FDC. Was there no consultation on this position within the FDC?

This position that Besigye openly castigates was also supported by people like Erias Lukwago who was then MP for Kampala.

All this happened when visiting members of parliament from Namibia, the then Ambassador of the European Union, H.E Vincent De Vischer and Mr Harvey Rouse and Ms Susie Alegre (officials of the European Union) were seated in the strangers gallery to witness the proceedings.

Why is then Besigye keen on spreading falsehoods when members of his party vouched for KCCA Act 2010?

Is he trying to justify his sabotage campaign where he successfully recruited Erias Lukwago? The good thing, Councillors of KCCA including those from FDC and DP couldn’t be taken for a ride any longer.

For they were elected to deliver services and not to be appendages of Besigye-Lukwago sabotage schemes. They refused and impeached Lukwago.

The other slander that Besigye has been vending for a while is the accusation of bribery.

In a blatant show of disrespect for elected leaders/ councillors, he blackmails them as having taken bribes to impeach the former Mayor Lukwago.

He, therefore, presents them as legionnaires who can’t take position or make decisions independently and without inducement.

Did Besigye bribe FDC Councillor, Hawa Namugenyi the seconder of Lukwago impeachment motion to join FDC?

If Besigye says Museveni survives on bribery- was he bribed to join President Museveni in the bush? Or did he bribe President Museveni to appoint him Minister of State for Internal Affairs / National Political Commissar?

Since Besigye seems to believe in politics of bribery – should we take it as gospel truth, the rampant reports that he bribed his walk to work followers in 2011 and that he continues to pay stone throwing youths in Kiseka market?

Is it his way and strategy of solving youth unemployment?

I think political leaders need to raise the bar and talk things where they have evidence.

Blackmail and innuendo as operating procedure for gaining political advantage is below pay grade in Uganda now.

Gone are the days when politicians would thrive on lies to win elections and govern.

One thinks that with successive defeats, Besigye should have learnt one or two things about the ingenuity of Ugandans. This Country is for men and women who like and reward truth.

Special Presidential Assistant – Research and Information (Head of Unit)

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