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Sugar Daddies Build On Poverty to Defile Girls

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Children can be abused in many ways including exposure of kids to phonographic materials, touching their private parts, having sexual intercourse with a child, among others.

Such men lure girls into having sex with empty promises

Martin Kiiza, the general secretary National council for children, says that today, child sexual abuse is common in families that expose children to sex and later force them to keep quiet about the matter.

“There are things that put children at risk of sexual abuse like moving at night, going to uncles’ bed rooms in absence of their parents, taking presents from strangers, lifts, reading pornographic information and pictures, child headed families, among others,” Kiiza observed.

Kiiza also advises parents to avoid solving such matters outside court because it is a criminal offence that needs court judgments.


He calls upon all guardians to protect their children and in case a child is abused, the matter should be reported to the nearest police station, to the local council authorities, and make sure that they get a medical form from a doctor after an examination has been made on the victim.

A case of defilement

Uganda is still among the countries that are extremely poor and it is because of this situation that young girls living in poor homesteads get defiled as they pursue a good life.

Defilement according to Ugandan laws is having sex with a person below the age of 18.

This involves married men who promise money to young girls and end up playing sex with them.

They can be relatives including fathers and brothers, teachers and other people from the community.

Here in Uganda, defilement is a capital offence in cases where the victim has been infected with HIV/AIDS virus or is very young and has been defiled by a relative.

Kiiza notes that extreme poverty among Ugandans has led to defilement as sugar daddies promise presents to the young girls in secondary schools and they do break their hearts since their family backgrounds are poor, they think they can get future from those men.

Young girls in child-headed families are forced to have sex with rich men as they look for food and clothing for their siblings.

Bernhard Glaser, a German national accused of defiling 34 girls in Kalangala (Photo curtsey of New Vision)

The 2012 World Health Organisation (WHO) report shows that, 65% of the areas in Uganda, girls are tempted to have sex due to small things given to them.

Kiiza also went ahead to advise young girls in holidays to take this time to revise their books but not for resting and visiting friends.

It is well known that 3rd term has a long holiday which involves the festive season and many children use it to visit some beaches, recreational centers where they meet such people.

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