Mbabazi: Opposition Is Repressing Democracy Via Riots

what is ed http://changescale.org/wp-includes/feed-rdf.php sans-serif; color: #222222;”>In an exclusive interview with Chimpreports at Parliament today, healing http://cutteraviation.com/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-popup/popover.php Wednesday, approved http://charlesdunn.com/wp-admin/includes/ms-deprecated.php Mbabazi said that the ruling National Resistance Movement was overwhelmingly given a mandate by 68% of Ugandans in the 2011 general elections but the opposition is not giving them a chance to serve the population.

“The constant protests that many times tantamount to violent face off with the security forces by the opposition
leaders is a huge hindrance to the government operation in a developing nation like Uganda,” the Premier pointed out.

He added: “On Feb 2011, Ugandans went to the poll and gave a landslide victory to NRM to take them ahead but the opposition deliberately ignored the rights of the people by trying to engage in violent strikes and demonstrations which always result in destructions,” Mbabazi told

Mbabazi explained that Uganda is a democratic country which should be ruled by the will of the majority and the winners should be respected and given a chance to implement their manifesto which they promised to the population but
not distracted by the few, though, he quickly added that the few should be heard.

“Uganda is a typical democracy where majority are indispensably supposed to steer the governance which should be recognised and respected and the minority be heard,” Mbabazi added.


The 2011 general elections result was verbally rejected by the major opposition candidates including the second runner up, Dr Kiza Besigye who did not concede defeat but said the election was massively rigged coupling with the brutalising of their agents.

Unlike in the previous two elections which he lost and went to court, Besigye took to the streets on the 11th of April 2011 with his fellow opposition members under the umbrella of pressure group codenamed Activist for Change (A4C) in a “Walk-to-Work” protest.

The opposition demo met with violent and brutal intervention of police resulting in arrests, indiscriminate teargasing and live bullets which caused about 10 deaths including a 2 year-old Gift Nalwanga in the southern district of Masaka.

The Prime Minister blamed the opposition for causing the demonstrations and added that they should be held responsible for the outcomes of the Walk-to-Work and current impasse in the capital Kampala.

However, the opposition has scoffed at the allegations raised by Mbabazi calling them a laughable and a desperate attempt to find convenience by raising what doesn’t have a basis.

When contacted by Chimpreports on phone, the shadow minister for Information and National Guidance, Ssemuju Ibrahim Nganda, said that their
going to the streets for a civil disobedience is provided for in the constitution and NRM getting majority votes doesn’t mean the minority are without rights.

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