Kayihura Blames Lukwago Lawyer For KCCA Violence

remedy geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>“Kiwanuka fell victim to the trouble he himself caused at City Hall not that Police attacked him as some sections of the public are trying to portray,” said Kayihura.

Appearing before the Human Rights Committee of Parliament on Tuesday, the police chief said Kiwanuka did not respect police orders to vacate the City Hall premises.

Kiwanuka had claimed possession of a court order blocking the proceedings of the city council aimed at toppling Lukwago.

“He provoked police officers by trying to force his way into City Hall where a meeting was taking place,” he added.

Kayihura, who had earlier been forced to take oath, rolled out a video footage to support his views.


The footage showed Kiwanuka hurling insults at Police and trying to physically force his way inside the KCCA premises.

“Madam Chair we have the video clearly showing how that lawyer (Abdullah) behaved at the KCCA especially by not following the orders from police in uniform and pushing the officers which provoked them to arrest him,” charged Kayihura in the stormy session.

His prayers for the video to be played for the committee members to watch exactly what transpired that Monday and not only to rely on pictures and videos captured by the media was granted by Chairperson Joviah Kamateeka.

Gen. Kayihura also stuck to his guns, defending the actions of the police “because we used proportionate force to contain Kiwanuka.”

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