Obore Saga: Banyarwanda Write To Daily Monitor

case geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>“…our view is that Obore as a senior worker of the NMG should be mindful that whatever he is doing even on his Facebook wall should reflect professionalism and ethical behavior which his employers espouse, for sale ” reads a letter authored by Dr Ephraim Kamuhangire, viagra 60mg the Chairman Banyarwanda Development Association in Uganda.

“By propagating hatred against Ugandan Banyarwanda as a tribe, Obore is not only a shame to the world but he is an embarrassment to the NMG,” he added.

“It is with deep regret to find that Uganda still has people with such hateful minds like Chris Obore has demonstrated about the Banyarwanda in the Face Book dispatch of 28th November 2013. All the accusations Obore labeled against the Ugandan Banyarwanda are uncalled for, unfair, sectarian and hateful.”

Asiimwe said in a statement on Monday evening that Monitor Publications Ltd is investigating the origin of comments allegedly made by Obore in relation to the Rwandan community and the spirit in which they were published.

Obore has since claimed that his Facebook account was hacked. However, he is yet to condemn what appeared on his wall.


The Facebook post alleged that Banyarwanda are violent, hypocrites and are the source of disunity in Uganda.

But Mr Asiimwe said an investigation in line with the NMG core editorial objectives, had been commissioned to establish the origin of the post because it breached the guidelines “on our policy against incitement, anti-social behaviour and comments likely to cause extreme offence – for example racist, religious, gender or ethnic insults or stereotypes, which are clearly prohibited in all the Group’s titles, branded space or on the social media accounts of individual employees.

“Our policy provides that when NMG (Monitor) journalists make personal use of the Internet, they should do nothing that calls into question NMG’s core editorial values. When someone clearly identifies their association with NMG and/or discusses their work, they are expected to behave appropriately when on social media, and in ways that are consistent with the Group’s editorial values and policies,” he said.

“We are investigating this post and appropriate action will be taken once we conclude the investigations.”

Banyarwanda furious

Kamuhangire said that while Obore’s post was beyond “your control as an organization because this is his private site, am concerned that this man uses Monitor and Nation Media Group to market himself in his evil propaganda. Certainly what he is doing is against NMG social media policy.”

He added: “This is why we are appealing to you to reign on this man. There is no doubt Obore is giving you a bad name and he is shaming journalism as a profession.

We find his post so diabolical, disgusting, inciting other communities against Banyarwanda and so uncouth to the noble profession of journalism.

This is very cheap and terribly unethical. Indeed, such posts should not be coming out of a journalist of his reputation and more so a person who works for a distinguished media organization such as the Nation Media Group.”

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