Rukungiri: More 3,800 FDC Members Defect To NRM

information pills http://danielpyne.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/holiday-snow.php geneva;”>According to Sarah Kagingo, http://contraboli.ro/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-menus-v1-1-endpoint.php the President’s Special Assistant for Communications, the defectors were formally welcomed to the NRM by Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, who all witnessed this transformation.

Speaking at a fundraising function for Christ the King Church Parish building, in Rukungiri Municipality, Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi, who also doubles as Rukungiri district NRM Chairman, congratulated the defectors, now dubbed Balokole, for “rejecting lies by which they were hoodwinked to join FDC”.

Muhwezi also gave an account of what the NRM has done for Ugandans and congratulated the President upon signing the East African Community Monetary Union Protocol which he said had a lot of benefits.

Speaking at the same function, President Museveni also welcomed the “Balokole” home.

The president began by opening offices of Rukungiri Revival Development Organisation, a SACCO with a membership of 3,271 people.


He then opened the fundraising ceremony upon which Hon. Sezi Mbaguta, the minister for Public Service, was called to auction Museveni’s portrait.

Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi, the MP Rujumbura County, who was tasked to buy the portrait, also contributed Shs 2 million to rebuild the church.

On the other hand, Roland Mugume Kaginda, the MP for Rukungiri Municipality (FDC Member), contributed Shs 1 million as a fee for the portrait, while reminding the congregation that “he invited the President to contribute to the building of the church”.

Paula Mary Turyahikayo, the Woman MP, Rubaabo County, contributed Shs 1 million bringing it to a total of Shs 10.42 million.

This is the second time in less than two months that Museveni is receiving FDC supporters.

Shortly after the Independence celebrations in October, 400 FDC fans met Museveni at Rwakitura where they accused their party leaders of confusing them with lies.

“Thank you for returning home,” the President told them.

The latest developments come against the backdrop of a battle for political superiority in Rukungiri, the home district of opposition strongman Dr Kizza Besigye after the dramatic 51st Independence celebrations on October 9.

Besigye walked out of the ceremony, saying the event had turned partisan.

Earlier, government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, said the people of Rukungiri requested to host the function to recommit their faith in NRM.

President Museveni welcomed the group to NRM and told them that NRM is a Movement that stands on 4 pillars that include: non sectarianism; nationalism; pan-Africanism as well as social and economic transformation.

The President informed them that he started his campaign of transforming the population in his early school days in the 60s’ by telling chiefs to teach people to change and the effort has bore fruits.

“I started the campaign in 1966. I used to tell chiefs to teach others that if anybody is taught, that person can change from darkness to light,” he said.

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