Ngoma Band Belongs To Fans

medicine http://checkhimout.ca/testing/wp-includes/class-wp-user.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Ebrahim Makunja a.k.a Ras Ebby Makunja, the East African, Tanzanian-born founder of the group of musicians based in Germany said musicians are just the servants.

“We are the first African band from Tanzania to use its music as a cross-cultural bridge to the world.”

Dubbed “The Golden Voice of East Africa,” the band, which has a rapidly growing fan base, was founded in 1993 by Makunja. The live performances of the six-member group, known for its signature danceable music, “Bongo Dansi” or “Mziki Wa Dansi,” has garnered rave accolades from numerous festivals and passionate applause from European fans.

“When we apply the extraordinary ‘Bongo Dansi’ or ‘Mziki Wa Dansi,’ the fans find our rhythm and beat unique. It penetrates their souls. The crowd becomes crazy, and then they go wild as their spirit become one with the spirit and soul of the Ngoma Africa Band!” said Kamanda Ras Makunja.

The other band members are the multi-talented soloist Christian Bakotessa a.k.a Chris-B , Said “Jazbo” Vuai, Mo Benda, Aj Nbongo, Jessy Ouyah, Diva Bedi Beraca, Bedi Bella and Jonathan Sousa.


Ngoma Africa Band’s current album, “Mama Kimwaga” (“Sugar Mum), includes the singles “Apache Wacha Pombe” (“Stop Over-Drinking Alcohol”) and “Anti-Corruption Squad,” CD “Jakaya Kikwete 2010” as well as the single “Bongo Tambare” and “Uhuru wa habari( freedom of the press). Most of the songs are written in various East African languages, including Swahili and Kiswahili, the spoken languages of Tanzania and its neighboring East African countries.

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