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FMU Endorses New Constitution

decease geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Amidst controversies, unhealthy the Federation’s president, clinic George Kagimu, ordered the members to vote if the constitution should be adopted or not.

Thirty five members voted in favour of adopting the constitution while four led by driver, Joe Brua, wanted the constitution to be reviewed again.

Brua was of the view that the amended constitution had some loop-holes hence should be reviewed.

“I think the committee should go back and review the constitution so that next general assembly finds it ready,” said Brua.

However, the Federation’s president explained that “we took time meeting officials from all the affiliated clubs. So, today we are here to either adopt or not by virtual of the majority to determine but not to discuss the matters in the constitution”.


David Bitalo, Jack Wavamuno Mwesezi, Kisutu Mayanja among other members who constituted the amendment committee had hard time explaining to the members on many issues in the constitution.

However, they made the work easy as they always referred to Lawyer, Mark Dusman Kabega, who they said played a big role in constituting the amendments legally.

Now with the adopted constitution, the Federation’s executive shall not be the final decision makers.

Monetary terms have been issues in the Federation but may cease to be a problem as the amended constitution provides now a position of independent Internal Auditors’ Committee.

Since the formation of the FMU, there has been no electoral commission though elections have always been conducted but now the Federation shall have electoral commission.

Kagimu George said that though some articles may not be relevant now, may be they will be in the future.

Effective from the closure of the assembly, the amended articles were fully constitution articles.

Out of the 15 clubs that are supposed to be represented in the assembly, 13 attended but not that all the members supposed to represent those clubs attended.

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