Ugandans Speak Out On Closing KCCA

link geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Several lawyers said Musisi’s actions are illegal as she is not empowered by law to close the city’s operations.

Others said Musisi’s move is a vote of no confidence in government and security apparatus which is mandated to keep law and order.

Magelah Peter Gwayaka, a Kampala lawyer said the risk with closing down KCCA is that it may turn out that we do not need KCCA after all.

“By the time KCCA makes up its mind to open we will still have the same uncollected garbage, same potholed roads, same delays in approving building plans, same congested city and boda bodas,” said Gwayaka, adding, “If citizens cannot tell a difference between a closed KCCA and an operational one, then KCCA needs to rethink itself (or its relevancy).”

Musisi said in a statement on Thursday that her decision came against the backdrop of several months of protracted politicking that have severely hampered KCCA’s ability to deliver services to the people of Kampala.


“Since March 2013, we have been caught as pawns in the tensions of the political push and shove of the City; we have been embroiled in separate, lengthy and tiresome processes before various organs and therefore have hardly had time to do our work of delivering services to the City,” said Musisi.

“The above, coupled with the ensuing political controversies and violent reactions by the public on matters relating to the office of the Lord Mayor have created a hostile working environment that has put the lives of our workers in danger.”

FDC Spokesperson, Wafula Oguttu wondered: “Museveni, Tumwebaze and Musisi under which law have you shut down KCCA, a public institution, indefinitely? Including hospitals? It is totally crazy.”

While many continue to ask Musisi to provide evidence to justify her actions, she said in her statement that to-date, “KCCA sweepers on the road are molested in the course of their work; our revenue collection teams, enforcement officers, cleaners and Building Inspectors have been assaulted many times at the incitement of political protagonists.”

She added: “Our garbage trucks have been damaged, and with the growing levels of threats our staff have become apprehensive over their safety in the course of their work.”


Chimp Corp Sam Waswa says vendors have returned to Kampala with many selling bananas and other items on Kampala roads.

Sheila Naturinda, a former journalist, says while Ugandans respect Musisi’s decision that the authority’s staff are under threat, “even as none of them has reported to police, we equally would love to beg that you divert your anger to the High Court, and to be precise to that Judge Yasin Nyanzi, and not the visiting East Africans whom you have denied clean roads, garbage free pathways among other services while they stay with us.”

She added: “I know you are attending the EAC heads of state Summit in your capacity as an ED but please, kindly help us have KCCA back to work, because the majority of us surely can’t help this situation, maybe we shall vote wisely next election.”

A one Alex Waibi argued that Musisi is the Executive Director with enough powers to shut down KCCA.

“They are actually following the law and Lukwago’s group will be breaking the law by insisting on going to the offices. It is the police’s work to enforce the law not civilians.”

However, Moses Sewava disagrees with Wiabi: “Shutting down Kampala shows plain arrogance and autocracy visa-vis Ugandans and vindicates his famous narrative …” You can get a Man out of the Bush, but you can’t get the Bush out of him.’

A one Bugembe Leo Mathias posted on his Facebook page: “Wait these guys are really mad. Soon they will close courts and Parliament. Its looks as if they want to make an internal coup and abolish all institutions. We are watching!”

Stephen Twinoburyo, a Ugandan in South Africa wondered: “So they’ve decided that they should punish the people of Kampala for their own faults?”

Mombasa Steven also argued on his Facebook wall: “Earlier on I thought Musisi was not working on the orders of Museveni, Frank and Nyombi Thembo, now I know her side. Which bible does she read? Forgive and forget. If she goes ahead to shut down the operations of KCCA, let her stop ashaming the Born Again community of Uganda or let her quit her position.”

Charles Kivumbi said the shutting of KCCA means garbage will remain uncollected. “Ooh stinky Kampala!!! What we want is a new and modern city.”

Kato Muzira did not mince her words: “She has turned into a regime puppet yet she’s a public servant…. I just wish she files in her resignation tomorrow.”

Nina Mbabazi sounded a bit cynical: “Gosh! Now I see why God has been merciful and given me sons. Had never seen a tantrum until my niece’s daughter threw one a few weeks back. That was when I really started to question if I should really be angry with God for giving me single sex kids? Today morning, another tantrum from another female! Don’t beat me up my female friends, but the male species is less complex is all I am saying. No offense intended. Ahem!!!”

Musisi complained that the incidents in which KCCA officers have been repeatedly attacked in the course of work are well-documented.

“Already, since the decision of the learned Judge earlier today (Thursday), there have been efforts to mobilize the public to invade City Hall supposedly to “reinstall” Elias Lukwago into office! Obviously, this poses a serious risk to the staff and properties of the Authority that I am empowered to protect and safeguard.”

Musisi concluded: “Unless the safety of our staff and Government property under our custody is assured, it is difficult for our operations, as the implementing arm of KCCA, to continue blindly in the face of these increasing threats.”

Hussein Rugaba Kashillingi, a Constitutional lawyer, expressed hope that Musisi shuts down; they won’t open the accounts to draw any salary and benefits. “They’ve forfeited their pay too!”

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