E.A Business Council Roots For Free Transfer Of Media Services

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cheap geneva; font-weight: normal;”>In a meeting organised at Imperial Royal Hotel, Andrew Luzze Kaggwa, the executive director of the East African Business Council (EABC), said that there are still barriers to growth and development of business among member countries.

“There is need for a uniform rate for the East African community. For example, buying a newspaper in one of the countries should be at the same cost in all countries,” he pointed out.


Kaggwa further noted that lack of cooperation among the countries has disabled the sharing of skills among member countries, and lack of love to share the common market that yields profits.

“Starting up a media house in one of the countries should be free, equipments and movement of journalists across countries should be free and they should be seen as media people but not workers who need to acquire passports first,” he added.

According to Captain Francis Babu, one of the media owners present in the meeting, all the governments should work together and reduce on the taxes levied against media houses and provide free equipments to media houses in order to boost the media business.

Hon Shem Bagaine, the general secretary of EABC and the minister of State for East African Affairs, has promised to support media fraternity and fight for media freedom across the member countries.

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