LIVE: Celebrations As Court Reinstates Lukwago

medicine sans-serif; font-size: 9pt; line-height: 200%;”>“I have a mission to complete. I have a vision for this city. It is high time for all people of Kampala to sing in unison and support me in developing Kampala, information pills ” says Lukwago.

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Lukwago says those who intend to harm him should forego their ‘evil’ plans.

1:05pm: The Land Cruiser brand vehicle in which Lukwago is being travelling remains under tight escort by senior police officers led by RPC James Ruhweza.

Chimp Corp Michael Nteza reports that after negotiations with Lukwago’s drivers, it was agreed that he takes the Kampala Road instead of downtown.


“Six police patrol vehicles are escorting Lukwago. The anti-riot personnel have taken strategic positions in the city. We can see dozens of people peeping through their windows to congratulate Lukwago,” says Nteza.

He says the situation remains calm but tense.

12:47pm: Police tighten security along streets and downtown Kampala as dozens of Lukwago’s supporters move to celebrate the ruling.

Chimp Corp Nixon Segawa says hundreds of supporters along William are jubilating and praising the judiciary for saving the Mayor’s job.

“There is a lot of celebrations here with people lining the streets to welcome the Mayor from the High Court. People are saying he should stand for President in 2016,” says Segawa.

He quotes the supporters as singing “we want our Mayor, he is here to stay.”

Lukwago’s supporters on Kampala streets

12:11pm: The High Court has ruled that Erias Lukwago is still Lord Mayor of Kampala until the main application challenging the KCCA Tribunal report is heard and disposed off.

The Thursday ruling describes as “invalid” the decision by the KCCA council chaired by Kampala Affairs Minister, Frank Tumwebaze, to impeach the Mayor.

Judge Yasin Nyanzi said the deleberations at KCCA took place after the injunction had been issued.

Observers say the ruling, which was given under tight security of the High Court premises, puts an end to the legal and political gymnastics that surrounded the legality of the council’s decision.

7:30am: The High Court will Thursday morning rule on whether to permanently restrain Kampala Affairs and Presidency Minister, Frank Tumwebaze from taking action on the report of the Kampala Capital City Authority Tribunal, pending determination of an application for judicial review.

The court session which begins at 10:00am will move to answer concerns raised by Erias Lukwago that if Tumwebaze is not stopped from taking action, the Mayor could be removed from office irregularly.

High Court on Monday November 25, 2013 heard and granted Lukwago’s application drawn by Kwesigabo, Bamwine and Walubiri Advocates, Katuntu and Co. Advocates, Lukwago & Co. Advocates, Alaka & Co. Advocates and Okalanga Law Chambers.

Mr Lukwago, the applicant, argued that he is dissatisfied with the report and has opened up an application for a judicial review which is still pending before court.

He further argued that the electoral commission held elections for councilors representing professional bodies to Kampala Capital City Authority with the sole purpose of constituting the KCCA to enable councilors remove him from his office as Lord Mayor.

However, Tumwebaze on Monday went ahead to chair a meeting of councillors leading to the impeachment of the Mayor.

The Minister said the court order was forged before questioning the manner in which it was given and served.

Lukwago maintains he is the legitimate Mayor of Kampala.

The latest developments are a huge test of Judiciary’s spine in resisting pressure from the executive. The High Court is also in the eye of the storm over the manner in which the injunction was issued considering that courts open at 9:00am yet the order was obtained around 8:30am.

The judiciary said in a statement this week that the “The application which was heard by Hon. Justice Yasin Nyanzi of the High Court granted the injunction restraining the councilors from impeaching the Lord Mayor.”

However, Government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo said Wednesday “all being said by Lukwago and his lawyers is mere clatter and rattling.” He added: “Government’s position and the law is that Lukwago stands impeached and out of office.”

However, Opondo said on his twitter handle that “A judge (Nyanzi) can only speak on the impeachment through a ruling” in an appeal.

A section of MPs led by Winnie Kiiza said they consider Lukwago as the legitimate Mayor of Kampala and that they would escort him back to his office on Friday.

The Kampala City Council Authority has since notified the Electoral Commission of the need to hold elections to have a new Mayor.

Lukwago has also been directed to hand over all government property including the mace, Mayor’s robes and official vehicle.

He will also miss other benefits such as health insurance, escort car, security personnel, salary and housing allowance.

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