UPC Ready To Back Lukwago’s Re-election

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cialis 40mg geneva;”>The party vice president, Joseph Bossa, told Chimpreports on Wednesday that the party is ready to back Lukwago in case of any by-election if he still comes up with a people-centered manifesto.

“It is clearly seen that the government is only caring about the few rich and elite Ugandans against the majority poor whom the Lord Mayor has always sought to protect from any exploitation of the rich,” Bossa pursued.


He then noted that “the rich people like Sudhir who own hotels and banks are seemingly having the majority say in the future of Uganda but the Constitution says power belongs to the people, whether a professor or an illiterate person, your vote is the same and that’s the democracy we ascribe to”.

“If the poor vote for someone who will fight for their rights, he is termed as anti-government and therefore fought until removed from power,” he lamented.

“We wish to inform the people of Uganda that the impeachment of the Lord Mayor is not an isolated episode or event but connected to a general trend where the people of Uganda are being denied their political rights, rights of association and communication,” Bossa said.

Bossa cited the example of the Lord Mayor’s impeachment which he associated with the trampling on the rights of the journalists to report and denial of the workers of Uganda a fair wage.

He blamed government for continuously using divide and rule tactics to isolate the poor and the non-elites from taking critical decisions in the affairs of state management hence creating two distinguished classes of people in the country.

“The government has time and again not valued the decisions and rights of the poor and the uneducated Ugandans which is portrayed by the way they are handled and treated,” Bossa concluded.

Lukwago was found guilty of abuse of office, incompetence and misconduct or misbehaviour by the KCCA tribunal a few weeks back before being unseated by councillors.

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