UIA Warns Against Stereotyping Chinese Over Fake Goods

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sildenafil geneva;”>It is imperative, Sebowa said, for people to cease going around blaming the Chinese but rather to appreciate first that even local manufacturers also contribute immensely to the baggage of counterfeits that the economy is currently stranded with.

The term ‘Chinese’ in Uganda for the last few years has become synonymous with anything short of required standards.


According to officials at the National Bureau of Standards [UNBS], almost all the 25 categories of counterfeit goods on the market come from known factories in China and India.

Several warnings have been sounded that these unsafe products not only threaten to damage the national economy, but also lives of millions of
local consumers.

Some of the commonest Chinese fake products include foods, domestic appliances, mobile phones, electronics, clothes, jewellery among others.

However, according to Sebowa, Ugandan manufacturers too are at the centre of this national challenge and must not go unmentioned.

“Most agricultural products such as maize flour are normally ranked in grades from one going up, yet these levels are not clearly indicated on the products while packaging,” Sebowa said.

Sebowa further explained that the same applies for manufacturers of iron sheets which also come in varying grades, but are not marked according their respective qualities.

“If I wanted to hoard off a building site, I don’t need high grade iron sheets, the same as I would need to thatch a family house meant to last 50 years,” he added.

Sebowa noted that there is a need to compel all local manufacturers to label all their products in accordance with their quality standards.

“This will not only ease proper differentiation of various products but also ensuring those of low quality are purchased at lower costs hence avoiding being cheated,” he clarified.

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