MPs To Escort Lukwago Back To City Hall

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this web geneva;”>The Zambian argues that he acquired all racing skills from his father and he only participated to appreciate his father’s gift.

Yet, he ended up taking the final day during the Madagascar rally after the retirement of Uganda’s Jas Mangati in section 6.


Jessy Singh had a one on one with Chimp Corp, Elly Kyeyune.

ChimpSport: How was your ARC season?

Singh: Simply amazing! We could not have asked for better.

This year was supposed to be a trial run and we had initially selected to do only four events namely: S. Africa, Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya.

But God had other plans and we ended up in Madagascar!

We were driving a much older car than our competitors but I believe we had a good strong dedicated team and good strategy in every rally.

ChimpSport: How did Dave Sihoka’s experiences help you?

Singh: My co-driver Dave played an important role.

He has been doing the ARC since 2004 with my father and has vast knowledge about all the countries and how to plan and tackle our competition.

He knew when to keep me cool and when to tell me to put my foot flat down.

ChimpSport: How did your Dad (Muna) and your Grand uncle (Satwant) inspire you?

Singh: My Father was with us in most of the rallies acting as our team leader.

He has won ARC twice, so, he also has great experience.

We capitalised on that and put all his valid points into practice which led us to victory.

ChimpSport: Let’s go back to the last ARC round, how did your race go?

Singh: Madagascar, for us, was a good rally.

Sorry for Jas for falling out early but trust me, it was harder to drive when he had retired.

The concentration level was so intense. I struggled to drive the car sometimes.

I would definitely love to go back and compete in Madagascar and try and push with the big boys there.

ChimpSport: How would you describe the Malagasy (Madagascar) rally drivers’ level?

Singh: Malagasy drivers are good. I love the stiff competition that there is.

But I would also love them to come out and participate in other countries.

I know it is expensive but I‘m pretty sure it’s worth it.

ChimpSport: After the ARC title, how do you see the road ahead?

Singh: Now we are the youngest ARC champions we definitely have to defend it next year.

We are looking at buying a new car so God willing we will be in ARC next year.

hospital geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>A section of opposition and NRM rebel MPs held a joint press conference at Parliament on Tuesday afternoon, information pills saying they did not recognize the Monday council meeting’s resolutions that saw the Mayor overthrown.

look geneva;”>Kasese Woman, MP Winnie Kiiza, said opposition members would this Friday march with Lukwago “to City Hall to proceed with his duties as Mayor.”

The MPs faulted Presidency and Kampala Affairs Minister, Frank Tumwebaze, for ignoring a High Court injunction issued by Judge Yasin Nyanzi, barring the senior government official from conducting council proceedings aimed at toppling Lukwago.

However, Tumwebaze said the court order was a forgery before questioning the manner in which it was served.

He said such orders should be handed over to the Attorney General.

Kiiza summed up the day’s events as a “Black Monday,” adding “Uganda can no longer be described as a democracy.”

She wondered: “How can a whole Minister of Tumwebaze’s stature disobey a court order? Lukwago as per the High Court ruling is still the Lord Mayor of Kampala.”

DP Legislator, Lulume Bayiga, said the best place that fits Tumwebaze is Butabika, where mentally ill people are kept.

FDC firebrand Alice Alaso said the City Hall events were a tip of an iceberg and that they signaled the worst as yet to come.

“This is not a matter of Lukwago, people of Uganda should re-think of the power they gave to this movement regime. What remains important today is for Ugandans to wake up and withdraw power from this dictatorship,” said the Soroti legislator who is well known for not mincing her words.

MP Barnabus Tinkasiimire went tribal, questioning the citizenship of President Museveni and Tumwebaze, adding the KCCA report was authored from State House.

A visibly angry Theodore Ssekikuubo, expressed grief that Parliament would not convene on Tuesday “when we are still angry enough about Tumwebaze’s actions.”

He condemned the return of stick-wielding men who clobbered protesters on Monday, saying they were sharing notes with Police.

Police publicist Judith Nabakooba on Monday distanced the force from the thugs’ actions.

Ssekikuubo said Tumwebaze behaved the way he did on President Museveni’s orders, adding: “I am very sad that the people carrying out this regime’s treacherous acts are young men like Frank Tumwebaze.”

Lukwago was impeached on Monday amidst violent clashes between his supporters and Police.

Government said Lukwago should seek legal redress if he feels dissatisfied by the council’s decisions.

On his part, Lukwago said he was surprised to see Tumwebaze spearheading his ousting at the time when the Mayor was “languishing in a hospital in Nsambya.”

He concluded: “My head will always remain high as long as I am on the right side of history.

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