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How Gov't Fought Back In Lukwago Social Media Firestorm

dosage cheap http://chistes-cortos.info/wp-content/plugins/gd-star-rating/code/fn/legacy.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Commanding a following of 1,353 people on Twitter, Opondo’s well prepared tweets in which he blasted Lukwago for plotting his downfall, were also retweeted by the Uganda Media Centre to over 6,000 followers.

This implies that each of Opondo’s ravaging tweets was seen by not less than 10,000 people on Twitter, almost half the readership of a Ugandan local daily newspaper.

Some of the government officials that exploited Facebook to respond to the social media firestorm include Presidential Assistant in charge of Information and Research, Morrison Rwakakamba.

He was seen actively engaging Facebook users in heated debates over the process that saw Lukwago evicted from office.

“Was the councillor waving purported injunction a designated Court clerk or an advocate of contesting party with clear instructions?” asked Rwakakamba.


He added: “Can an exparte order against the Attorney General be secured without contravening proceedings act? Where did the councilor get the order document from if people are claiming that it was torn at the gate? The councilor was in the hall by 8:15 am.”

Observers say opposition’s opinion leaders were caught flatfooted in the social media storm.

Only a few including Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze tried to articulate as fraudulent the manner in which Lukwago was ousted.

However, majority of Ugandans had earlier witnessed the highhandedness of security personnel at City Hall and in crushing protests in downtown Kampala.

Most media houses, particularly Chimpreports, New Vision, Daily Monitor, The Independent, NBS, Red Pepper and NTV covered the events live on their Facebook and Twitter pages as they unfolded, right from the Council meeting at City Hall to riots in downtown Kampala.

The development indicates the seriousness with which government takes online media.

The growth in usage of ICT tools to communicate remains a huge challenge for government.

Information posted on social media is usually uncensored and quickly shapes perceptions and can even instigate an insurrection.

Opondo taunts Lukwago

Meanwhile, Opondo used Twitter to allay fears that Lukwago was illegally removed from office.

“Where did Lukwago get the court order before 9am? When Justice Nyanzi hadn’t entered office? Even if the court order was issued was councilor Alan Sewanyana the right party to serve Min. Frank Tumwebaze? And was Minister Tumwebaze the right party to be served the court order?” he asked.

The Uganda Media Centre boss said the purported court order from Sewanyana was a forgery for which he could be prosecuted.

As earlier noted by Rwakakamba, Opondo said the government Proceedings Act prohibits issuing Exparte Order against the Attorney General.

“But anyway Lukwago was voted out by 29 out of 34 councilors and therefore his a Former Lord Mayor,” Ofwono boasted.

“The Katuntus who praised Kadaga for studying the court order expelling rebel MPs have now got their own carrot. The legal process at the tribunal and politics in council are over, let him cry softly,” said Opondo, adding, “By the way it is Lukwago who refused the instruments appointing Kidandali as Deputy Lord Mayor.”

In a deliberate move to torment the ousted Mayor, Opondo said Lukwago can still use the same law to challenge his impeachment before quickly adding: “Former Lord Mayor Lukwago can chose not to appeal and simply wait for a possible by-election.”

It is unlikely that KCCA will hold a by-election as the KCCA Tribunal recommended that a new Lord Mayor be picked from the Division Mayors.

By 8:45pm, this website was yet to notice any influential opposition politician responding to Opondo’s scathing attack.

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