Kampala Traders Protest Income Tax

seek geneva;”>Traders, under KACITA, say that the taxes they pay to URA are already too heavy; therefore, they do not need to add on another tax whatsoever.

“We pay a lot of taxes to clear before goods reach the country’s borders and these include; the VAT, withholding tax, import duty tax, domestic tax among others,” pointed out a discontented trader.

Traders also observed that they pay rent, fees for collecting garbage, cleaning services, electricity, and toilets; leaving them with meager or no savings at all.


“We do not understand the way this tax is collected because we see revenue collectors just entering our shops and asking for receipts. Then they give us assessment forms ordering us to pay millions,” put in another trader.

In a meeting held at Diamonds Hotel in Kampala, the KACITA chairman, Evarest Kayondo said Monday the revenue collectors did not consult traders first about this taxi collection.

“They never came to my office. I only received phone calls from traders complaining about this tax,” Kayondo said.

Traders have thus requested Uganda Revenue Authority to always organise conferences and sensitise them about the new taxes instead of collecting them in an abrupt manner.

Jamil Nsubuga, a URA official who was present at the meeting tried to explain the tax to the traders.

“Traders with zero to Shs 5 million will not be subjected to this tax, but it is for those who have large businesses ranging from Shs 5 million to infinity,” Nsubuga said.

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