Civil Activists Bolster Anti-corruption Efforts

visit this site geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>As much as anti corruption crusaders especially from civil society constantly live under life threats from the corrupt bigwigs, dosage the body believes that even a few elements serving in government who have devoted their lives to combat the plague, page may be easy targets if not duly protected.

NGO Forum’s Festus Kahigwa told Chimpreports in an interview on Monday that their new campaign would run under intensive advocacy seeking government’s jam-packed protection of such courageous anti-corruption crusaders serving in its ministries and agencies.

The idea, he said had been sparked by last month’s announcement by Bank of Uganda and Finance Ministry of the new Public Financial Management System designed to reduce on the gaps through which greedy government officials pricked into the national Treasury and took off with billions of shillings without trace.

Under the new system, Government ministries and departments will now be served by a single Treasury account, and disbursements be done on a quarterly basis instead of monthly transfers.

Finance Ministry officials indicated that the new program rolled out mid-October would among others ban delegation of transaction powers by accounting officers, create limits on daily cash withdrawal as well as introduce monitoring alerts for suspicious entries.

The Ministry’s budget director Mr. Kenneth Mugambe revealed that the new FMS also bears camera and voice recording features for monitoring accounting officers while executing transactions on the system.

“This is why we believe that people behind such a program especially Governor Bank of Uganda Emmanuel Mutebile and Permanent Secretary Ministry of Finance Mr. Keith Muhakanizi must be fully insulated from possible attacks from the big thieves, that could even put their lives and families on the line,” said Kahigwa.

“This is a difficult campaign we are taking on because it involves obtaining as much verified information as possible about the corrupt big fish, sufficient enough to incriminate them in courts of law. Most of such information can only be obtained from informers within the ministries and agencies, and these too must be protected.”

Such information he added, would then be publicized, yet another task that demands strong commitment, patriotism and solidarity from all media houses.


Kahigwa noted further that the unique importance of the campaign is that it seeks to protect monies that have not been stolen.

“Most of the anti-corruption crusades being run in this country have been chasing after money that has already disappeared, which is quit an uphill task, costly time consuming and in most cases futile,” he said.

“In our new campaign all we want is to ensure that a strong wall is built around the tax payers’ money while still in the national coffers. We think that this is more effective, and we hope that government will support us,” he said.

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