MP: Parliament A Gov't Rubber Stamp

thumb geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 200%;”>Kasambya County MP Hon Mulidwa Patrick [NRM] said on Friday that that majority of Ugandans had become oriented to pushing everything that doesn’t work out in the country to an ineffective Parliament.

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information pills geneva;”> He was speaking in line with escalating concerns that most of government undoing was as a result poor policies.

Hon Mulindwa pointed out that such accusations against parliament by most Ugandans were as a result of lack of information about how policies are formulated in the first place.

“It is imperative that the populace understands that all polices are formulated and solely emanate from the Executive and that parliament is only a ‘processor’ of these polices.”

He went on: “At times we are like chickens without heads in that house! We have not much control on what government wishes to bring aboard; the executive has control of all laws that come on the floor of parliament, even if it is a private members bill, because you have to submit to it the Certificate of Financial implication.”


“Ugandans should therefore understand that our situation as members of parliament, does not guarantee that all our ideas will be brought on board.”

Hon Mulindwa was responding to concerns raised by attendants at an Agricultural symposium in Kampala, that MPs sat back and watched as government passed unacceptable laws and policies, and deliberately failed to design pass other more needed ones, for its own political ambitions.

Uganda Land Alliance Board Vice Chairperson Mrs. Agnes Kirabo added her voice to Mulindwa’s submission noting that all the years that Ugandans had suffered without clear polices on land and agriculture were a clear indication of lack of commitment on the side of government to its people.

“By seeking to put its fantasies at the forefront, government had distanced itself from its citizens and the initiatives it had promised them.”

“There is no way government could deliberately kill Cooperative unions and introduce SACCOs, and after years of persistent failure, you hear that they are planning to inject more money into a project like NAADS.

“God knows whatever the reason it is that government has refused to restore people’s cooperatives, yet forgetting that it needs these cooperatives even more than the people themselves,” she said

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